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made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races

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This article uses three of these standards to organize an initial discussion of what we call a multiracially attuned practice approach: self-awareness, knowledge, and skills (NASW, 2001).
Consequently, a multiracially attuned approach requires social workers to appreciate the politically and emotionally charged dynamics surrounding multiraciality.
Although both self-awareness and an empirically informed knowledge base are essential for moving the field toward a multiracially attuned practice approach, the knowledge domain of practice in this area continues to be constrained by the dearth of practice-based empirical research on multiraciality in general and in social work in particular.
Identifying social supports to promote healthy individual development is crucial to multiracially attuned practices.
In this article, we have argued for a multiracially attuned approach to enhance social work practice with a multiracial population.
Also turning the socio-aesthetics of late-20th-century Hollywood into a distant memory was the explosion of not only African-American-centered movies but of new, multiracially cast films coming to market virtually every week.