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a system of three or more stars associated by gravity

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When James first hit free agency in 2010, he left Cleveland for a team that had cap space to sign multiple stars.
In this tour we'll visit 19 double or multiple stars in the constellation Draco, the Dragon, and one in Cepheus.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers wanting to know more about the complex influences of multiple stars on planets came up with two new case studies: a planet found to have three parents, and another with four.
Julia Roberts accepted her supporting actress award barefoot and multiple stars, including Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Jack Black and Jane Fonda spouted expletives freely.
the first major modern star atlas devoted primarily to the observation of visual double and multiple stars.
Multiple stars, which had been such a valuable asset on the drama Climax, would become the policy on "Playhouse" as well.
Ahead of the series finale, multiple stars of the dance competition show have teased the program is coming to a close.
LVAS member Fred Rayworth and I created this monthly forum to bring interesting galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and multiple stars to the attention of amateur astronomers.
Many times in the past the Academy has gone in a different direction, sometimes using multiple stars to varying effect.
We now expect to find other examples of this process and hope to learn just how much it contributes to the population of multiple stars.
Although many observers are devoted to viewing multiple stars, there are some who don't consider them deep-sky objects.
Trapezium-type systems were defined in the 1950s by Armenian astronomer Viktor Ambartsumian as multiple stars for which "the ratio of the greatest to least space distances between the components is less than three.
Los Angeles added multiple stars in the offseason, completing trades for Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.
While I certainly marvel at the views through many of today's incredible wide-field eyepieces, the bulk of my observing of the Moon, planets, multiple stars, and deep-sky objects is done at medium to high magnifications with tracking telescopes.
In addition, the atlas marks double and multiple stars with ticks whose length indicates the components' separation, and each of the 2,950 double stars is labeled with its name.
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