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producing more than one offspring at a time

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The physiological changes of pregnancy predispose women to UTI, so does other factors such as age, sexual activity, multiparity, previous history of UTI and socio-economic conditions.
The incidence of grand multiparity alongwith its complications is still high in developing countries.
Multiparity is the recognized risk factor for causing glucose intolerance that ultimately leads to development of gestational diabetes.
Women with advanced maternal age and multiparity are at increased risk, but the reason why AFE occurs is not well understood.
This sociodemographic profile is compatible with the literature on the subject, but some characteristics of the series of cases, as the multiparity, the low adherence to prenatal care, multiuse of drugs during pregnancy and the high number of clinical-obstetric complications, have indicated the difficulty of health services to reach these women resulting in a prolonged stay length, increased use of neonatal beds, and neonatal death.
The independent predictors of stillbirth include multiparity (OR, 1.
Factors like advance age family history osteoporosis (FHO) female gender menopause before age 45 years low BMI prolong amenorrhea multiparity hyperparathyroidism prolong treatment with thyroid hormones cannot be changed910.
UI is referred to by women as a natural phenomenon, associated with pregnancy, which may be experienced during the first pregnancy and aggravated with multiparity.
Exclusion criteria were post-term pregnancies of [greater than or equal to] 40 weeks and 10 days, multiple pregnancies, grand multiparity, cephalopelvic disproportion, previous caesarean section or a uterine scar, fetal malpresentation, fetal distress, placenta praevia, antepartum haemorrhage, premature rupture of the membranes and medical disorders.
Pregnancy-related hypertension and preeclampsia also are often cited as risk factors, as are multiparity, obesity, and older maternal age.
A new study using a mouse model that mimics the human effects of multiparity (giving birth more than once) has found that mouse moms who gave birth four times accrued significantly more fat compared to primiparous females (those giving birth once) of similar age.
Furthermore, Holst et al (12), surveyed UK women in pregnancy and described a correlation between multiparity and an increased prevalence of CAM use, which contrasts with conclusions from Adams et al (7), although the UK study did confirm a higher likelihood of CAM use in nonsmokers.
Testing should also be done more frequently, depending on circumstances such as ethnicity, high body mass index before and after pregnancy, and multiparity.
These Afghan cultural norms for multiparity, beginning immediately after early marriage, likely contribute to these women having high rates of prolapse, which is a reproductive health-related morbidity and risk factor for the development of RTIs.
Key social and demographic indicators of disadvantage associated with lower immunisation uptake and/or breastfeeding include lower socioeconomic status, lower level of education, teenage motherhood, single parenthood and multiparity.