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producing more than one offspring at a time

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0 percent), and grand multiparity or elderly primagravida (5.
Univariate analysis--factors influencing vaginal delivery achieved within 24 hours Parameters p-value Multiparity <0.
Although the etiology of ovarian cancer is not well understood, multiparity, lactation, oral contraceptive use, and tubal ligation or hysterectomy are inversely associated with risk (Permuth-Wey and Sellers 2009; Sueblinvong and Carney 2009), whereas estrogen-only menopausal therapy, tobacco smoking, and other environmental, occupational, and genetic factors are positively associated with ovarian cancer (Antoniou et al.
Other factors that appear to influence progression to invasive cancer are not well defined but multiparity and cigarette smoking have been consistently found to be increased among cervical cancer cases.
University of Southern California researchers analysed histories of 153 infants with ALTEs for the risk factors of male predominance, gestational age, low birthweight, very low birthweight, incidence of being small for gestational age (SGA), age at the event, multiparity, maternal age and smoking.
These normal hematologic changes as well as other conditions that may be present, such as venous stasis, increased venous capacity, multiparity, and advanced age, combine to produce prime conditions for clot formation during the puerperium.
An association was found between grand multiparity and maternal mortality, but the MH2000 form does not collect data on other socio-cultural factors such as literacy, employment status, socio-economic status or early marriage.
The same twofold increased risk remained after adjustment for age, multiparity, gestational diabetes, and chronic hypertension--and after women with gestational diabetes were excluded from the analysis, Dr.
Multiparity has been associated with an increased risk for developing gallstones, he said at an international congress of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons.
In all pregnant women, factors associated with pre-eclampsia or fetal death were multiple gestation, HIV infection, multiparity and tobacco smoking.
As in the USC study, multiparity was protective, reported Dr.
Women at risk include those with a history of postpartum hemorrhage, placenta previa, grand multiparity, current macrosomia, or several cesarean births.
The exact aetiology is unknown, but contributory causes include multiparity, excess intra-abdominal pressure, tissue atrophy secondary to ageing and oestrogen loss, joint hypermobility and congenital ligament weakness.