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in a multilateral manner

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Delivering aid multilaterally can lead to agency slack, which occurs when agency behavior departs from donor preferences.
On internal cooperation among the D-8, NPC's managing director said: D-8 countries with about one billion population have the potential to address the needs of the members whether bilaterally or multilaterally.
Multilaterally secure pervasive cooperation; privacy protection, accountability and secure communication for the age of pervasive computing.
Nuland also revealed that the United States has been discussing how to address the situation with its partners in the talks, both bilaterally and multilaterally, since the first report of the rocket launch.
Chairing the UAE Delegation to the Washington summit, UAE Representative to the Icao Capt Aysha Al Hamili said that there was significant agreement amongst participating states that emissions of greenhouse gases from international aviation should be addressed multilaterally.
At the meeting with his host, Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki, views and initiatives were shared for the further development of relations and cooperation between the two countries bilaterally and multilaterally, with special stress on the economic cooperation.
The best thing to do would be approaching the problem multilaterally.
This really is one of the most important emerging economic relationships for the United States, both multilaterally and bilaterally.
Ahmadinejad discussed with Basher al-Assad the expansion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and said, "regional countries can work together multilaterally on economic fields and such cooperation is in favor of all regional nations not only economically but also politically.
Our participation in the Asia Europe Meeting process reflects the government's commitment to working regionally and multilaterally to address economic, political and security challenges,'' Smith said.
Taheri also pointed out that signing MOUs bilaterally or multilaterally can pave the way for developing the required port infrastructures and may extend the trade and commercial activities among the regional states.
Consider a "third way" between global trade negotiations and bilateral agreements by deepening hemispheric economic cooperation multilaterally, through incremental arrangements; and
The goal of the campaign is to work multilaterally with other countries to establish an international symbol for human trafficking and promote a unified campaign that reaches across borders.
Haidari said Pakistan's military and intelligence establishments must be persuaded bilaterally and multilaterally to cooperate sincerely in the war against terrorism, while the country's civilian government must be strengthened to ensure stability in Pakistan and the rest of the region on the long run.
Koh firmly opposes the idea that nations should be trusted with the freedom to undertake unilateral preventive action, regardless of whether they have available a fresh set of multilaterally endorsed standards to manipulate at will.
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