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having many parts or sides

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administration should return to a more multilateralist approach.
This multilateralist approach adopted by Roh has basically resulted in a dual-track policy--a mixture of independence and cooperation--toward the United States.
So while multilateralists should be defending the UN, they should also be aware that the best way to save--indeed, to strengthen--an embattled institution is to acknowledge its shortcomings and deal with them.
These advocates of "hard" power are prepared to override the concerns of the moderate multilateralists, doubters in the U.
All of these qualifications do not justify the multilateralist cop-out as an excuse for American inaction against Saddam Hussein.
While most multilateralists generally and dangerously ignore or deny this harsh reality, the essays by Patrick, Luck, Ruth Wedgwood, Brown, and Moravcsik combine to drive it home forcefully and comprehensively.
There are at least two other camps: multilateralists and champions of national sovereignty.
Probably not even the country's admitted declinists, multilateralists, revisionists and doves.
Multilateralists, however, readily see the necessity for acting within some generally acceptable normative framework.
It is equally clear that Bush's strategy was to win the support of the multilateralists and isolate the isolationists, to create the conditions for a unilateralist war policy.
In American Force he goes out of his way to locate himself on the intellectual and political map: just to the right of the Democratic Party's center during the Cold War, and just to the left of the party's center now--"barely closer to John Kerry than to Dennis Kucinich" Those scholars whom he sees on the wrong side of the issues he discusses--wrong because they favor the use of armed force to pursue expansive rather than narrowly defined conceptions of security--include neoconservatives, liberal hawks, and "fervent multilateralists.
Table 1 illustrates where, at Point 1, we find unilateralists who seek to disengage with the UN; at Point 2, unilateralists who engage with the UN for the sole purpose of furthering US foreign policy interests; at Point 3, multilateralists who are somewhat interested in furthering common interests, but who are more concerned with US interests; and, at the furthest point, multilateralists who are more global minded and see multilateral engagement as a central US interest.
To put it crudely, if both men become multilateralists, then these nominations could improve the U.
In principle, there is no reason why the leading power in a unipolar order cannot pursue a multilateralist foreign policy or, conversely, why the great powers in a multipolar system necessarily must be multilateralists.
In either case, Canadians are multilateralists by vocation, and this, right off the bat, differentiates them from Americans.
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