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having many parts or sides

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European officials and commentators tend to accept as an article of faith that Europe, because of its experience since the 1950s, is inherently multilateralist.
A return to the more traditional and egalitarian multilateralist agenda therefore can still be in the cards in a more long-term perspective.
This said, parts of the multilateralist doctrine need revision.
Roosevelt and his successor Harry Truman, who was thrust into the presidency upon the death of Roosevelt, would probably fall into the fourth multilateralist category on the continuum outlined above.
Hill describes himself as an "Edmund Burke conservative," but as one former Yale International Security Studies Fellow explained to me, "There's not much if any daylight between Charlie and the neocons, except on the degree to which is Charlie is more of a multilateralist than them.
Dyer lucidly explains the rationale for the post-Second World War multilateralist global diplomatic order in which the United Nations featured so centrally.
For all the hype from its critics, the Bush Administration has reduced multilateralist practice only when it comes to a very narrow range of policies, mainly toward the Arab world and, to a much lesser extent, regarding cooperation with our West European allies in actions outside Europe.
Shortly after the war in Afghanistan, the Prospect has learned, some multilateralist administration officials wanted to support a NATO rapid-response force.
A war hero, a member of a minority who is known to be more moderate, thoughtful and generally sensible on pretty much everything than the President and the rest of those who serve him, it was Powell, after all, who fought the good fight for a multilateralist approach to foreign policy in Iraq and elsewhere.
To that end, we should, wherever necessary, aggressively seek pragmatic alliances with international organizations, ranging from the OSCE to the Aga Khan Foundation, that have already done pathbreaking work on this front--however multilateralist such a strategy might sound.
Although the author clearly prefers Europe's multilateralist approach of promoting stability through "soft" diplomatic instruments like development aid, he argues that the EU leans too far in this direction.
Notwithstanding its earlier multilateralist rhetoric, the Clinton administration chose not to expend any significant political capital in support of the United Nations, even as congressional hostility toward the UN rose to a fever pitch.
1) He mirrors the ambivalence between frustration and hope of most democratic and multilateralist practitioners who have served at the UN as he records in disconsolate detail Cold War maneuvers over the longest war of the last century, which caused more than a million casualties.
More often than not, however, Powell's multilateralist opinions failed to set the tone for the administration's policy.
Rundle espouses a multilateralist, 'principled policy for global security and peace'.
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