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vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers

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3: Multiflora Rose Season begins with early summer; then Lamb's Ear Season, Heliopsis Season, Floribunda Rose Season, Oakleaf Hydrangea Season and Tea Rose Season follow in the garden.
It's multiflora rose blooming season, privet blooming season, yellow poplar blooming season and spiderwort season.
10: Wild multiflora roses often start to fade now, and the first bindweed goes to seed.
Buds lengthen and brighten on multiflora roses, honeysuckles, mock orange, and lilac.
Branches of the multiflora roses are almost completely covered with foliage.
When multiflora roses come into flower, look for the bronze birch
Multiflora roses, spirea, yellow sweet clover, Canadian thistles, privet, and yellow poplars bud.
When the high foliage is complete, then the wild multiflora roses and the domestic tea roses bloom, the last osage and black walnut flowers fall, clustered snakeroot hangs with pollen in the shade, and parsnips, goatsbeard and sweet clovers take over the roadsides.
Multiflora roses, spirea, boxwood and yellow poplars are ready to bloom.