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in diverse ways

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Instructors might serve not merely as ushers or Virgil-figures to the oddly structured and multifariously conflicted underworld that we call "the academy," but as people working in a lineage in which one does not artificially divide up one's world, in which one attempts to clarify confusion about human experience and thereby to reduce suffering--the common goal, again, of both Nagarjuna and Korzybski, their enumerated differences notwithstanding--all as part of our lowly practice of composition instruction.
The instance will be the recurrent item plus a difference, whatever this difference may be in alternative metaphysical systems--spatial location, bare particulars, subjects that are multifariously different, etc.
His depiction of the simultaneously monstrous and marvelous prospect of insect life powerfully suggests a biological substrate underlying both the automatism that transpires as a swarm of desiring impulses multifariously engaging the phenomenal flow and its disturbing other, a stance toward the world in effect determined to swallow up the totality of existence.
Who has ranged so widely, so originally, so multifariously and at the same time so agonizingly and so poignantly over so many aspects of the mystery of existence and man's quest for identity?
Subsequently, these terms were extensively used and multifariously copied by gardeners, bromeliad lovers, enthusiasts, amateurs, and even scientists who based their work on the monograph of Smith & Downs e.
There are numerous ways to understand curricular activism because it manifests itself multifariously, with varying results.
Lucas's Falha goes beyond implication or suggestion to provide an experience that is vigorous, visceral, and multifariously immersive.
It is this multifariously murderous side of pharmaceuticals that reminds Novalis again and again of the soul, which is the very principle of life.