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This consciousness is expressed through the multifarious faces, adventures, and hardships of a metropolis of characters - preachers, police, ex-boxers, steelworkers, dancers, Creoles, intellectuals, prostitutes, hustlers, and a one-time Shakespeare professor.
While posing as an open-minded lover of America's multifarious Afro-American music tradition, she reveals herself instead as that stuffiest of 20th-century musical nuisances, the jazzbo.
Although enterprising plaintiffs can find support for just about any proposition in the Court's multifarious Establishment Clause pronouncements, a claim that the national motto violates the First Amendment borders on frivolous.
He termed it an achievement in the face of multifarious challenges to democracy.
ISLAMABAD, May 08, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The fruit and vegetable market (Sabzi Mandi) of federal capital is facing multifarious problems including sanitation and provision of clean drinking water.
This major midcareer exhibition will include the multifarious documentation Alys produced for these and some thirty other performative projects he's staged worldwide.
Nicole is currently hunting for an exquisite diamond ring, and has been visiting multifarious jewellery stores to buy one for the occasion.
Metal, Machine, Textile and Multifarious Industries Director General Ansari Bukhari said the Indian steel giant has long showed strong interest in Krakatau Steel.
Rings can be rotated to multifarious conformations and light distributions.
That said, the work is nevertheless, at this stage, one of a kind, and, as such, cannot hope to meet all the challenges of world history and still be a clear, useful overview of its multifarious topics, Christianity and sexuality.
Most of the points made about "the modern" are drawn from such now-classic observers as Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin: a heightened consciousness of the transitory and the contingent, a prominence of language positing experience as flux and multifarious, and a sense of the acceleration of history.
Iraq has endured multifarious acts of injustice and many deliberate abuses by the American inspectors and experts and those personnel of the Special Commission who implement the American policy,'' Aziz charged.
but also a fragmented and multifarious mix of blogs, podcasts and broadband video channels," said Lloyd Trufelman, president of TrylonSMR.
When PPP came into power the country was facing multifarious crises and the commodities were imported, he said and added that now the country was self-sufficient in this regard.
According to teams President Muhammad Altaf, Ashraf Group of Industries is elite industrial group dealing in multifarious activities like manufacturing of Sugar, coal Mining, Agricultural Farming & Dairy Farming etc.
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