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Synonyms for multifaceted

having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Synonyms for multifaceted

having many aspects

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The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in a statement said, "The visit of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan will provide an opportunity to review and build upon the multifaceted bilateral cooperation.
Meantime, Iran's chief negotiator Saeed Jalili on Friday held separate bilateral meetings with the representatives of the Group 5+1 (China, Russia, France, Britain, the US plus Germany) before the start of the evening session of multifaceted talks between Tehran and the world powers in Istanbul, Turkey.
Ashton's office will be acting on behalf of the six nations during the multifaceted talks scheduled for December 6.
And experts said the crisis is severe and requires a multifaceted approach.
While NCB enjoys a highly loyal customer base, we wanted to more effectively articulate the multifaceted financial services we can provide.
The chaos and confusion of Beirut fuse with the crystal clarity of bearing witness in this multifaceted prism of struggle, tragedy, and hope.
So as one part of its ongoing, multifaceted S0th-anniversary season celebrations, the company devised a "Cool Vibrations" program.
is a multifaceted enterprise containing a myriad of entrepreneurial endeavors, including a group office hotels and conference centers, urban shopping centers, office buildings, residential developments, a management consulting firm, America's eighth largest broadcast and telecommunications tower company, and an aviation company.
A thoughtful and multifaceted analysis, and sample poems used as examples of specific points are quoted both in their original Spanish and in English translation.
This multifaceted nightmare about corruption, greed, and terror might not just make us smarter but could improve our performance as citizens.
Readers will discover the fascinating and multifaceted story of Crested Butte which originally attracted coal miners, along with many great details of that history, as well as all of the dangers the area's business encountered.
Pendergast has more in common with the Count of Monte Cristo than with any modern-day detective: a multi-millionaire and multifaceted and multilingual scholar with an IQ well beyond genius, he is also the consummate master of disguises and technology.
The author does reveal periodic glimpses of literary talent and storytelling and could tackle the challenge of writing a more multifaceted book, with multidimensional characters and a complex story line.
It is now imperative for businesses to be able to navigate a vast labyrinth of multi-venue, multifaceted law," says Paul Smith, a partner at Eversheds and the driving force behind the Web guide.