multiengine airplane

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a plane with two or more engines

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Blue Radial: Best single-engine rate of climb, VYSE, for multiengine airplanes operating on one engine.
The pilot had slightly less than 500 hours total time, 114 of which were in multiengine airplanes.
The proposal also would "adopt additional airworthiness standards to address certification for flight in icing conditions, enhanced stall characteristics, and minimum control speed" for multiengine airplanes.
More than half of the cited crashes involve multiengine airplanes, and half of those were twin-engine turboprops.
See the sidebar on page 22 for a discussion of flying multiengine airplanes at their minimum controllable airspeed.
I have no limitations on slips in general aviation multiengine airplanes and even show students the use of differential power to maintain the slip (vs.
Other than aerobatic and tailwheel pilots, few use rudder more than those flying multiengine airplanes.
On single-engine airplanes, spinner ice, which may provide a cue in multiengine airplanes, cannot be seen by the pilot.
According to the pilot, who later stated he had 45 hours in multiengine airplanes but did not possess a multiengine rating, once the airplane climbed to approximately 20 feet AGL it began to bank right.
Speaking of Sporty's, Paul Jurgens II is a Master CFI and assistant chief flight instructor for Sporty's Academy's fleet of single-engine trainers at Batavia, Ohio (he is Chief Instructor for multiengine airplanes and gliders).
In fact, most multiengine airplanes have what's called an "Accelerate/Stop" chart in the performance section of the POH to help pilots quantify this.
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