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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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There is scholarly debate about whether a shift away from multiculturalism is occurring.
However, for the sake of academic correctness, we should have in mind that the term multiculturalism has been used in Anglo-Saxon literature to cover very different multicultural (intercultural) concepts of societies and education.
177)) Apartheid, on the other hand, is the enemy of multiculturalism.
Keywords: radical-socialist multiculturalism, Transformative education, Israeli oriental Jewish and Arab feminists
Multiculturalism, America and the Middle East makes Americans aware of the often malign character and impact of this still fashionable doctrine across the liberal spectrum, doing so with attention to its anthropological origins and moral contradictions, for multiculturalism champions a supra-nationalism and cultural relativism that undercuts our political ideals and, indeed, very view of the past.
To examine the extent to which multiculturalism has promoted or hindered development in Africa;
For me, multiculturalism has to be seen as a process by which people respect and communicate with each other, rather than build walls between each other.
Ray Egan, Harborne The Prime Minister announces that multiculturalism is dead.
While the notion of multiculturalism theoretically includes Aboriginal peoples, the emphasis of multiculturalism has predominantly related to new immigrant groups.
The overt talk is of a failure of multiculturalism, but the subtext is the alienation felt towards Muslims in the population.
By commenting German Chancellor's confession that the multiculturalism in Germany has failed, Jasna Frangovska from Nova Makedonija says that this statement comes in a time when Macedonia is collecting the crops of the two-decade respect of the suggested multiculturalism.
Summary: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that multiculturalism in Germany has "utterly failed.
Incompetence is excused, crimes are condoned and terrorist threats are ignored, all because multiculturalism makes people fear that criticism of minority groups, or even individual group members, will bring down accusations of racism.
Analysts have taken positions either supporting or attacking multicultural policy, yet there is insufficient research concerning the public policy of multiculturalism as it is understood and practiced in the lives of Canadians.
Multiculturalism - valuing diversity and the contribution of every community in our society - has been supported at every level of government, and made great strides forward.
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