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large important food fish of Australia

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Combined effects of salinity and potassium concentration on juvenile mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus, Temminck and Schlegel) in inland saline groundwater.
Several tonnes of rainbow trout, mulloway and tiger prawns have been produced for commercial evaluation and market trials.
South Australia's scientists are trialing mulloway at a saline interception scheme on the Murray at Waikerie, where geothermal activity keeps saline groundwater at a constant 22 degrees Celsius.
Some of the many new names and stunning flavors now available include Mulloway, Hiramasa (Kingfish), Tasmanian Salmon, Western Rock Lobster, Yabbies, Barramundi and Red Emperor.
habitat enhancement projects such as the Bunbury, Dunsborough and Mandurah artificial reefs as well as metropolitan fish towers and fish aggregation devices, stocking of important recreational species including prawns, black bream, mulloway, barramundi and pink snapper, research into the biology and ecology of important recreational species including squid, black bream, blue swimmer crabs, prawns, mulloway, pink snapper and various gamefish, research into the wellbeing benefits of recreational fishing and mapping of fishing locations for fishers of all ability, development of the next generation of recreational fishing including young future leadership programs and post graduate scholarships.
For example, in the Hawkesbury River we largely overcame the problem of catching small mulloway in prawn trawls by inserting escape panels at strategic locations in the bag where the catch collects (termed the codend).
The South Australian firms are Roarkus Moss, Mulloway Studio, Siteplan, Dash Architects, Phillips Pilkington Architects and Taylor Cullity Lethlean.
Our research indicates that snapper, mulloway, black tiger prawns and kuruma prawns, as well as salt-tolerant freshwater species, notably rainbow trout which can tolerate both fresh and salty water, are able to survive and grow in saline water,' Dr Allan says.
With a plastics company (Gale Pacific Limited) we have also developed a new type of low-cost pond cover which should give us a greenhouse effect to counter the cold winters for species like snapper and mulloway.
Fisheries Minister Norman Moore said the projects - mulloway restocking on the west coast and seasonal movements of Black Bream - were among several funded through Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) grants generated from the Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence introduced in March 2010.
The Minister said the pilot mulloway restocking project aimed to restore the abundance of mulloway in waters near the metropolitan region and assess the effectiveness of restocking.
Arripididae Australian Salmons * * -- -- Carangidae Trevallies * * -- * Elasmobranch Sharks, Skates and Rays * -- * -- Lutjanidae Coral Snappers, Fusiliers * -- * -- Mugilidae Sea Mullets * * -- -- Pleuronectiformes Flatfishes * * -- -- Pomatomidae Tailors * -- -- -- Sciaenidae Mulloways * * -- * Serranidae Rockcods and Seaperches * * * * Sillaginidae Whitings * -- -- * C.