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Synonyms for mulishly

in a stubborn unregenerate manner

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However, despite Nehru's repeated pledges that right of self determination will be given to the people of Kashmir, Indian leaders have mulishly held on to their uncompromising stance that Kashmir is an integral part of India.
While genuine child support evaders certainly exist, many noncustodial parents fall behind in their support because the current system is mulishly impervious to the economic realities working people face, such as layoffs, wage cuts, unemployment, and work-related injuries.
In fact I always felt a little funny because I remember I was always more sort of mulishly self-directed.
It is indeed uncomplicated if you remain mulishly unwilling to move beyond the narrow parameters you've set for discussion.
And in his breeding of mulishly composite texts lies Swift' s contribution to eighteenth-century mingling of genre.
Guest clergy" who refuse to be ecumenical in their approach, and who threaten to stay away if they cannot invoke the name of Jesus, are either mulishly stubborn or bigoted, or both.