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Synonyms for muliebrity

Synonyms for muliebrity

the state of being an adult woman


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In postfeminist culture, the single woman is the ultimate noticeably time-beset instance of present-day muliebrity, her singlehood being converted as a mainly temporal deficit and a drooping sequence from the regularizing phases of the female lifecycle.
Instead, the authors fashion Elagabalus as a depraved effeminate, elaborating upon traditions of the emperor's muliebrity and prodigious libido in order to reinforce the cultural category of the mincing, whoring queer.
The Shipman no doubt had his faults, but muliebrity was not one of them.
It is as if recognition of the equality of exercise of control in intimate relationships (Stets, 1991) would now threaten muliebrity and show up the present neurosis of gender ideology, rather than just undermine the ethos of supposed male dominance.
Suena rimbombante pero en concreto significa que las chicas deben "ejercitar" su muliebrity desarrollando el poder para realizar los suenos y para convertirse en la persona que se desea ser.