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a worker who drives mules

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16) They carried out the typical occupations assigned to Africans living in Spanish American urban centers as domestic laborers, wet nurses, textile workers, bodyguards, muleteers, foodvendors, etc.
Indeed, Cervantes's diction in chapter three appears to introduce a motif--the mariscos and medicine--that will be explored below when Don Quixote, before striking the first muleteer, warns him that he has put himself at great risk by offending the honor of a knight: "No se curo el harriero destas razones--y fuera mejor que se curara, porque fuera curarse en salud" (1.
While other intrepid ADVENTURERSwere bound for more ambitiousprojects over several days, we set offwith our guide and muleteer Mohammed, plus a donkey.
Perhaps the most striking of the visitors is Bill Harvey, a family friend who has fought overseas as a muleteer.
Salomon did indeed tell Giosefo to go to the Bridge of the Goose, but not necessarily to follow the example of the muleteer in beating his mule--an inference Giosefo draws on his own, after learning from an unknown bystander the name of the bridge.
According to Pardo (1860) the cost of carrying bulk by mule was around 55 cents per ton mile in Lima-Callao in the central coast, [55] and around 51 cents per ton mile in 1850s for the route Lima-Jauja, [56] Deustua (2009) indicates that muleteer fares were around 26 cents per ton mile for the route Lima-Cerro de Pasco in 1836, and Miller (1976) indicates that muleteers charged rates of 43 cents per ton mile for the Cerro de Pasco-La Oroya in 1900 [57].
Todd Delaney made the macho most of the muleteer Ramiro and Andrew Byerlay was (appropriately) blandly oblivious as the cuckolded Torquemada.
However, Diego's work as a muleteer often took him away from home for extended periods of time.
muleteer, pony rides for infants, clown, magician, floral wreath arranger, baby sitter, pilot of ferries crossing Havana's bay, etc.
The father's death is ambiguously ascribed either to his service in the war against the Turks at Djerba or to his desertion of his post as muleteer, a job traditionally assigned to moriscos, who often sided with the enemy.
Olavegoya was the son of a merchant and muleteer from Tucuman, a province of the recently founded Republic of Argentina, who had settled in Tarma, in the central Peruvian sierra.
When that happened to one muleteer, the enraged man swung a club at the animal's head.
It is Juan Preciado who recalls the photograph on his way to Comala while walking alongside Abundio the muleteer.
Andy Pye, external projects manager for Tyneside company Tuner Townsend, was chosen to be muleteer Marcus Aurelius Victor, whose details are on a tombstone at Chesters Roman fort in Northumberland.
67) Zacatecas allocated 200 pesos with instructions as to which muleteer be was to give the books for their delivery.