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Synonyms for muleteer

a worker who drives mules

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We paid one guide and paid for one muleteer to each donkey.
A pack of ragged Portuguese muleteers crowded around us, offering their beasts at half a dollar an hour--more rascality to the stranger, for the market price is sixteen cents.
The donkeys all stood still after the catastrophe and waited for their dismembered saddles to be patched up and put on by the noisy muleteers.
We arrived home again finally, after a ten-mile excursion, and the irrepressible muleteers scampered at our heels through the main street, goading the donkeys, shouting the everlasting "Sekki-yah," and singing "John Brown's Body" in ruinous English.
The priest made the necessary arrangements with a muleteer and sent her to our Hassitshe agent, from where she was sent to us.
Banker, an authority on the painter, told me at the press opening that Piero's father was a muleteer, a lucrative form of commercial transport in the fifteenth century.
42) In terms of labor, a very experienced muleteer could charge up to 10 pesos per month, while a skilled textile worker earned up to 5 pesos a month.
While other intrepid ADVENTURERSwere bound for more ambitiousprojects over several days, we set offwith our guide and muleteer Mohammed, plus a donkey.
Salomon did indeed tell Giosefo to go to the Bridge of the Goose, but not necessarily to follow the example of the muleteer in beating his mule--an inference Giosefo draws on his own, after learning from an unknown bystander the name of the bridge.
Todd Delaney made the macho most of the muleteer Ramiro and Andrew Byerlay was (appropriately) blandly oblivious as the cuckolded Torquemada.
However, Diego's work as a muleteer often took him away from home for extended periods of time.
muleteer, pony rides for infants, clown, magician, floral wreath arranger, baby sitter, pilot of ferries crossing Havana's bay, etc.
The father's death is ambiguously ascribed either to his service in the war against the Turks at Djerba or to his desertion of his post as muleteer, a job traditionally assigned to moriscos, who often sided with the enemy.
When that happened to one muleteer, the enraged man swung a club at the animal's head.
Andy Pye, external projects manager for Tyneside company Tuner Townsend, was chosen to be muleteer Marcus Aurelius Victor, whose details are on a tombstone at Chesters Roman fort in Northumberland.