mule skinner

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a worker who drives mules

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It was a mule skinner who knew what every Soldier knew, to have any chance they would have to fight as a team.
They were kept in a grazing, watering, and resting herd by the third party of mule skinners with no Soldiers.
Seeing the group of mule skinners hotly pursued as they made a break for the wood train, CPT Powell led part of the reserve force on foot to fire on the braves from behind.
Watching from a nearby hill, Red Cloud has his "commo chief" signal (with a small pocket mirror) the QRF ambush sites NOT to attack the 60-plus mule skinners, teamsters, lumberjacks, and escorting soldiers of the wood train.
Susan Soderburgh, a former Bullocks store manager, is now a certified mule skinner, or muleteer.
And for mule skinners at the world's only college program for riding, training and packing mules, it was a sheer urban-agricultural joy.
Founded two years ago, the award-winning program has trained 110 students and certified two mule skinners for jobs that fetch more than $40 an hour at equestrian centers and on mountain pack trips.
The entertainment on the first night of the symposium will be "Tales of the Mule Skinners and Ghosts," which includes a treasure hunt in an old gold mine town.