mule driver

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a worker who drives mules

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Why should I have a 'job' that has me stooping to work at the beck and call of a boss," the Mule Driver argues to himself, "killing myself for a lousy salary that would never compensate me.
It once was the home of Albert Workman, an Australian mule driver and superintendent of the land, formerly known as Workman Ranch.
Jacobs thinks the public will be receptive to the event, which also will feature a chuck wagon pulled by mules with world champion mule driver Freddy Valentino at the reins.
They had pack mule drivers who would drag the trees off, they had a shepherd who took the sheep with them for food, a milkmaid, tent bearers - there was upwards of 115 people with them, it was like a small army working through the woods.
House speaker Yiannakis Omirou said that more that 12,000 Cypriots enlisted voluntarily during World War I and most of them served at the Macedonian front, mainly as mule drivers and translators.
The term "miners" encompassed putters, mule drivers, labourers and topmen, as well as the most skilled hewers at the coal-face.
In the case of the mule drivers, the Coast Guard rules required them to get fancy biometric ID cards, presumably so an al Qaeda agent couldn't infiltrate their ranks and send a canal boat on a runaway ride on a fixed route at walking speed that doesn't really go anywhere.
The rules were never meant to apply to people like tow path mule drivers, who pose no threat to anybody.
The history of hospice and taverns, chapel and brotherhood: of bridges, paths and streets, mule drivers, innkeepers and other people in an Alpine pass, late fourteenth century to the mid-seventeenth.
1 -- color) Steve Edwards advises Karen Bodner in what is said to be the world's only class for mule skinners, or mule drivers.
Having read your December/January article on "Marvelous Mules and Donkeys," I thought your readers might be interested in what I learned from the modern-day mule drivers for a tourist barge on the historic Lehigh Canal in Easton, Pennsylvania.
With the help of two flashlights, Mohamed, our local guide, and one of the mule drivers, we made the one-hour trek in three.
They said that Henry's regiment fought like mule drivers, but that they would have to be used anyway.
Cypriot mule drivers were the first colonial troops sent to the Western Front.