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Synonyms for mulct

a sum of money levied as punishment for an offense

to impose a fine on

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for mulct

money extracted as a penalty

impose a fine on

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One of the groups on the governor's hit list is the Contractors State License Board, which since 1929 has protected California homeowners from the depredations of sleazy contractors, often from out of state, who will be able to prey upon unsuspecting homeowners and seek to mulct them of millions of dollars each year if the board is eliminated.
Ebdane did not elaborate other than to say that ''all terrorists are extortionists out to create chaos and mulct money.
Must we account him a "bad king," sacrificing the interests of England, where he resided for only a few months in a reign of nine and a half years, concerned only to mulct the realm for the benefit of his principal life's work, the Crusade?
Osbert's own sexual life was a homo-erotic turmoil, until, that is, the emergence of that, as it turned out, 'not impossible he', David Homer, who alternately mulct and succoured him through forty not entirely glorious years.
In the play, Mosca makes of Volpone an unsuspecting Buondelmonte in his plan to entrap him and mulct him of his riches, or, failing that, to kill him.