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Synonyms for mulberry

any of several trees of the genus Morus having edible fruit that resembles the blackberry

sweet usually dark purple blackberry-like fruit of any of several mulberry trees of the genus Morus

References in classic literature ?
The gallant colonel glanced at Messrs Pyke and Pluck as if he thought they ought to laugh at his joke; but those gentlemen, being only engaged to laugh for Sir Mulberry Hawk, were, to his signal discomfiture, as grave as a pair of undertakers.
All this while, Kate had sat as silently as she could, scarcely daring to raise her eyes, lest they should encounter the admiring gaze of Lord Frederick Verisopht, or, what was still more embarrassing, the bold looks of his friend Sir Mulberry.
Here is Miss Nickleby,' observed Sir Mulberry, 'wondering why the deuce somebody doesn't make love to her.
I'll hold any man fifty pounds,' said Sir Mulberry, 'that Miss Nickleby can't look in my face, and tell me she wasn't thinking so.
I don't insist on it,' said Sir Mulberry, with a loud laugh.
said Sir Mulberry Hawk, putting the stakes in his pocket.
Lounging on an ottoman close beside her, was Sir Mulberry Hawk, evidently the worse--if a man be a ruffian at heart, he is never the better--for wine.
I have looked at 'em for five minutes,' said Sir Mulberry.
No, don't,' said Sir Mulberry, folding his crushed hat to lay his elbow on, and bringing himself still closer to the young lady; 'upon my life, you oughtn't to.
Now why,' said Sir Mulberry, 'why will you keep up this appearance of excessive rigour, my sweet creature?
Kate hastily rose; but as she rose, Sir Mulberry caught her dress, and forcibly detained her.
Ralph DID shrink, as the indignant girl fixed her kindling eye upon him; but he did not comply with her injunction, nevertheless: for he led her to a distant seat, and returning, and approaching Sir Mulberry Hawk, who had by this time risen, motioned towards the door.
Ay, that's the word,' interposed Sir Mulberry, with a laugh.
The eyes of the two worthies met, with an expression as if each rascal felt that there was no disguising himself from the other; and Sir Mulberry Hawk shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly out.
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