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an offspring of a black and a white parent

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The handful of times that Dumas evoked his "African" ancestry includes both an 1838 letter to the Martinican abolitionist Cyrille Bissette, editor of the Parisian periodical, La Revue des colonies, in which Dumas expressed his anti-slavery sympathy for his "freres de race and friends of color," (9) and the following witty riposte to a man who had interrogated his origins by asking him, "Well, my dear sir, you must be very well versed in negro": "But of course," Dumas reportedly replied, "My father was a mulatto, my grandfather was a negro, and my great-grandfather was a monkey.
The Mulatto Republic draws from extensive research in Dominican, Puerto Rican, and US sources, both primary and secondary, in both Spanish and English.
My one quibble would be the title, The Mulatto Republic, which quotes a U.
Twinam analyzes pardo and mulatto mobilities in what she calls "long time," charting the centuries-long transition from slave to free person to royal vassal to citizen.
Despite critics' intense interest in the representation of mixed-race figures in both black- and white-authored early American literature and its relation to the cultural surround in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there has been precious little attention to the important distinctions between such tropes as the tragic mulatto and the equally alluring and fated New Orleans quadroon, regarded as having one-quarter African ancestry.
The primary purpose of this project is to replace the Route 231 bridge over Mulatto Run in Madison County.
The ruling class was supposed to have the class of free people--whether white, mulatto, of black--in their fold so that their profiteering would remain undisturbed.
THE BAND Mulatto plays Tuesdays at Martinis at Mandarin Oriental, Makati.
However, through this lens Ocasio gives thoughtful and sensitive attention to the mulatto story of costumbrismo, illuminating both specific and larger issues in ways that are clear-eyed about injustice, support Afro-Cubans, and honor Cubans of all colors by enlarging the understanding of Cuban literature.
Entered for the Derby and other races as by Mulatto, he had been registered in the GSB as being by Tramp or Mulatto on the word of the man employed by Weatherbys to collect material for the book from some northern studs and breeders.
In her historico-theoretical introductory chapter (subtitled "The Mulatto in Law and Literature"), Salih presents in considerable detail the background information, legal documents, critical theory, and research questions conditioning her analysis of the study's focal literary and cinematic texts.
The world of the Mulatto Nation occurs in a hyper-real time and space with quick cuts and rapid-fire conversations.
Throughout American literature, the subgenre of tragic mulatto fiction has critiqued segregation by focusing on the melodramatic lives of those divided by the color line.
3) The mulatto is depicted in these letters as a harbinger of hope, a panacea for that which ails contemporary society, and as a symbol of the reconciliation of conflict and division in the human family.
Coproduced and arranged by guitarist Mario Adnet (known for his prior role as coproducer of the acclaimed Moacir Santos collection titled Ouro Negro) and pianist Philippe Baden Powell (prodigal son of the abovementioned mulatto legend of Rio's bossa movement), the CD Afrosambajazz * offers new arrangements of Baden Powell's beautiful songbook, including various melodic tributes to the Afro-Brazilian orixas coauthored by the prodigious Vinicius de Moraes (1913-1980), a son of Xango who jokingly referred to himself as "the blackest white man in Brazil.