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After Russia, the Mujahadin also killed people, and by different names brought language discrimination, ethnic discrimination, they rocketed villages and there was lots of door-to-door fighting.
It is structured as a regional organization since joining forces with Al Qaeda, and its objective is to destabilize the North African countries, provide logistic aid and Mujahadin support to the networks of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and train jihad militants to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly in France.
The Pope himself was subject to several death threats, one of which was issued by Iraq's Mujahadin Shura Council, which declared: "We will destroy the cross .
38) Americans need to avoid language that supports the insurgents' position of jihad and mujahadin, terms they often use to legitimize their use of indiscriminate violence in the name of Allah.
Terms like jihad, fatwa, Muslim ummah, Mujahadin, and suicide bomber gained wide currency in our vocabulary.
Mujahadin fighters interrogated them for eight hours before being convinced they were not spies, then took them blindfolded to Baghdad and freed them.
He guards a war prisoner, the leader of the mujahadin, who, after announcing that he will die that night (which he does), recites a strange poem whose meaning Zurbaran cannot decipher.
The reporter was abducted on January 23 in Karachi after arranging an interview with the leader of Harkat-al Mujahadin.
Aziza graduated from university in Kabul in 1992 when the Mujahadin came to power after a bloody war against the Soviets and reimposed many of the religion-based customs that educated Afghans had started to turn their backs on.
We should also recall that the Taliban is the logical successor to the original Mujahadin, which almost single-handedly defeated the invading Soviet Union.
Their bearded leader is known as Abu Hassan, and his revolutionary credentials include a spell in Afghanistan with the Mujahadin.
For example, many Algerian, Egyptian and Palestinian Muslim extremists have participated alongside the Mujahadin fighters in the Afghanistan conflict.
We had been involved in Afghanistan in the '80s, supporting the Mujahadin against the Soviets and prevailed, we won, everybody walked away.
The material, entitled Zaad-e-Mujahid and Incitement Of The Heroic Mujahadin In Reviving The Tradition Of Assassination, was found at Javed's home in Derby, central England.