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preponderance of force during the Vietnam War and the Mujahadeen, who were the base of the Taliban in Afghanistan, were not deterred by the Soviets during their invasion of that country.
These individual actions, the would-be revolutionary argued, need to be tied together by a common program, by spreading the culture and the ideology of resistance--the legal, political, and military sciences that the mujahadeen need to fight.
In addition, it was America who sponsored Osama bin Laden, the Mujahadeen and the Taliban.
The war in Iraq, where many Iraqi civilians have been killed or maimed, plays a central role, but other situations also receive emphasis, including American support for Israeli military action against Palestinians, intervention in South America, including Haiti and Nicaragua, and the arming of the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviet state in Afghanistan.
Arrested just four months after giving his third child the name Usamah, another version of the Arabic name Osama, Khan regarded cigarettes as un-Islamic and was even "training" his three-year-old daughter to marry a Mujahadeen terrorist.
In Central Asia, the legacy of the Afghan pipeline--when the United States sent millions of covert weapons to the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviets--has left the region saturated with weapons.
The jihadist movement the Americans are fighting in Iraq emerged from the 1979-89 Afghan War in which the US armed and funded the Islamist mujahadeen fighting the Soviet Army.
The second category consists of homegrown Iraqi Sunni religious groups, such as the Mujahadeen Army of Iraq.
The Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook, posted on the official Hamas website, included instructions for homemade poisons, poisonous gases, and other deadly materials for use in terrorist attacks.
Po r t able missile launchers once used by the Mujahadeen to shoot down Russian helicopters in the 80s were still effective.
Police appear to have wrongly believed that Feinstein, a Jew originally from South Africa, was involved with an Iraqi-based terrorist organization called Mujahadeen El Khalq.
disengagement coincided with a number of 1990s conflicts that might never have occurred in Cold War times, including wars in Somalia, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia (and its neighbours), Afghanistan (between the Mujahadeen and Taliban), Aceh/Moluccas/Timor, Tajikistan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Moldova and the Balkans.
Tribalism in Afghanitan Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Mujahadeen Tacticts in Afghanistan U.
Uncritical US support for the anti-Soviet mujahadeen rebels spawned the Taliban.