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a photograph of someone's face (especially one made for police records)

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One of the thousands of comments on Twitter asked: "Does Nick Nolte give Tiger Woods the jacket when he is inducted into the Mugshot Hall of Fame?
In an eerie mugshot uploaded on Lancaster County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page, Varn's eyes and lips were dyed black while her face and neck were embellished with dark tattoos.
DUBAI: US model Jeremy Meeks, who was dubbed the "hot felon" after his prison mugshot went viral in 2014, has purportedly been deported from the UK less than eight hours after landing in London, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.
Conservation work has been taking place on a mugshot book believed to be from the North Riding of Yorkshire 1878-1896 and a book of Middlesbrough Police mugshots from the 1930s has been donated 111115PRESTON_02 IAN MCINTYRE
The album contains over a thousand mugshots of prisoners and you can currently browse over 150 of these on our Flickr pages, where they are divided into four separate sets relating to the male prisoners, the female prisoners, First World War criminals and children.
Wearing a pin-striped suit and a red tie, he smiled slightly for his mugshot.
The duo sat down with Egypt Today to talk about Mugshot, plans for new types of lifestyle products and their desire to expose the Krak Baby brand to the world via the sidewalk, not the catwalk.
While BlabberMouth was a short-lived enterprise, the mugshot industry remains alive and well, with many companies around the nation profiting from the dissemination of mugshot photos.
com can offer immediate removal from the mugshot website, and the company can even provide a follow-up campaign that can create a wealth of positive information that can drown out any negative information that might still be online due to the mugshot and/or the arrest.
Accessible through the web-based control center, another new feature called Mugshot enables owners to remotely activate the front-facing camera on their missing smartphone to help identify the unauthorized user or the phone s surroundings.
Six months after his public intoxication arrest in February, country crooner Randy Travis was arrested again for DWI, and this time his mugshot is complete with a black eye and scratches on his face.
London, July 21 ( ANI ): A vain suspect was nicked again for misusing emergency services after she called 911 to complain for her ugly expression in a police mugshot.
But the mugshot has been turned into an art form by a Welsh artist in a portrait exhibition based on police archive photographs.
He had his fingerprints and a mugshot taken with information listed about him including his age, height and weight.
AN on-the-run burglary suspect taunted the authorities yesterday with a home-made mugshot showing him standing next to a police van.