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Synonyms for muggy

Synonyms for muggy

damp and warm

Synonyms for muggy

hot or warm and humid


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Also, Muggy said: "It gives us a bit of a foothold in the Portland market where we don't have a large presence.
They can run 35 miles per hour, they can jump a 6-foot fence, or just go through it," John Muggy said as he looked over Lone Boot Buffalo Ranch from his porch on a hot July morning.
Broad celebrated his first Test match call-up by completing a careerbest five-wicket haul, finishing off the tourists with 3-10 in seven balls to give his team a 30-run first-innings lead on a muggy final morning.
As the week continues, showers will move in, while temperatures remain in the early 20s, leading to muggy conditions.
For the first time all week, the weather was typical of Florida: warm and muggy, and on this night, thick with cigar smoke.
The muggy weather has encouraged a profusion of mushrooms and toadstools in the 1,000-acre wood.
But he wasn't counting on the courage of the National Honor Society student who registered for classes that muggy June day and then went to unpack in a dorm evacuated by white co-eds.
As New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin pleaded on national television for firefighters--his own are exhausted after working around the clock for a week--a battalion of highly trained men and women sat idle Sunday in a muggy Sheraton Hotel conference room in Atlanta," reported the September 6 Salt Lake Tribune.
PAUL HYSLOP saved Ayr's unbeaten league record with a breathtaking 51st-minute equaliser at muggy Somerset Park.
But while the sun came out in the south of England, where London recorded the highest temperature at 86F(30C), Scotland was mostly muggy and overcast.
It is muggy when we arrive late afternoon at Shanghai's bustling Pudong International Airport.
Earplugs don't give the best protection, but are often much more comfortable to wear in hot or muggy weather because muffs cause your ears to sweat.
Tare wears a mask and crumples paper into a microphone, chanting and making sounds that leave one stranded in a muggy forest staring at the stars.
It will remain warm and muggy in Birmingham but there will be an increasing risk of showers until Wednesday.
French brilliantly captures the fin de siede whirl of Kinshasa, the muggy Congolese capital on the Congo River, moving to the electric beat of soukous music and the entrepreneurial hustle of its desperate masses.