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Synonyms for muggy

Synonyms for muggy

damp and warm

Synonyms for muggy

hot or warm and humid


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Also, Muggy said: "It gives us a bit of a foothold in the Portland market where we don't have a large presence.
John and Sue Muggy live on a grassy knoll just north of the Ferndale city limits.
The muggy conditions started developing on Tuesday and continued until late in the evening.
The 18-year-old joined Ben Mears and another debutant in the GB trio for the Junior Men's 10km race, coping well with the muggy conditions to log 46 minutes 4 seconds and claim a creditable 24th place.
Keep enjoying the run even when it's hot and muggy .
I've harvested a bunch of deer during muggy, buggy, sweaty weather and love to have the woods to myself during those times.
It's muggy, and the heat is unforgiving for personnel wearing full combat gear.
Florida Gardening" will help aspiring gardeners to deal with Florida's sandbox-type soil, upside-down gardening year, muggy climate, and insects.
Broad celebrated his first Test match call-up by completing a careerbest five-wicket haul, finishing off the tourists with 3-10 in seven balls to give his team a 30-run first-innings lead on a muggy final morning.
As the week continues, showers will move in, while temperatures remain in the early 20s, leading to muggy conditions.
For the first time all week, the weather was typical of Florida: warm and muggy, and on this night, thick with cigar smoke.
The muggy weather has encouraged a profusion of mushrooms and toadstools in the 1,000-acre wood.
But he wasn't counting on the courage of the National Honor Society student who registered for classes that muggy June day and then went to unpack in a dorm evacuated by white co-eds.
As New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin pleaded on national television for firefighters--his own are exhausted after working around the clock for a week--a battalion of highly trained men and women sat idle Sunday in a muggy Sheraton Hotel conference room in Atlanta," reported the September 6 Salt Lake Tribune.
PAUL HYSLOP saved Ayr's unbeaten league record with a breathtaking 51st-minute equaliser at muggy Somerset Park.