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Synonyms for muggy

Synonyms for muggy

damp and warm

Synonyms for muggy

hot or warm and humid


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However, in the cropped areas, similarity in MOC stocks likely reflects a minor effect of management systems on the rapture and formation of microaggregates (<53 [micro]m) in Latosol soils (oxidic Red Latosol), whose main cementing agents are poorly crystalline iron oxides (Pinheiro-Dick and Schwertmann 1996; Muggier et al.
The area was cooler but muggier after a light rain.
It was a little bit muggier, and that helps my sort of bowling.
It is warmer and muggier than normal for this time of year,'' said John Gorman, a weather specialist with the National Weather Service.
It's hot and it's muggy, but it's hotter and muggier in a lot of other places,'' JetHawks manager Mark Parent said.