mug shot

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a photograph of someone's face (especially one made for police records)

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In simpler words, Bertillon was the developer of the mug shot technique, used to this day, for keeping a record of a convict's physical identification.
Instead, he decided that the mug shots the cops used weren't nearly flattering enough and sent them a selfie - taken in a car - with a message saying: "Here is a better photo, that one is horrible".
He is in the custody of the Stockton Police Department - which posted his mug shot on it Facebook page and the photo received thousands of likes as well as led to the creation of another Facebook fan page - instead if a $1.
Provide a Turnkey Electronic Fingerprint, Palm Print and Mug Shot Capture and Storage System.
The documents show that Warhol agreed to have the mug shot mural painted over in silver.
Arrest records and police mug shots have long been available to the public, open to inspection in file cabinets at police departments or law enforcement agencies across the country.
According to Cnet, these sites often charge people 400 dollars or more for an 'unpublish service' to remove their images but these images still appear in search results like Google if a particular mug shot name is keyed into a query.
The problem was that mug shots posted on the website of the Lane County Sheriff's Office included people who worked off court fines on the work crew, even though they were never actually housed in the jail.
ANOTHER poignant life story has emerged from a police book of 1930s mug shots which were found in a junk shop.
Now a relative of one of the mug shot men has come forward with details of a life scarred by hardship and tragedy.
When you see a mug shot, you automatically think the person is guilty of something, when actually the mug shot is taken at the time of arrest when someone may not have done something.
VISITORS to a Birmingham gallery can follow in the footsteps of Brummie rocker Ozzy Osbourne by having their mug shot transformed into an Andy Warhol-esque work of art.
Summary: A wanted British man sent a newspaper his photo because he disliked the mug shot the police issued.
There was a blond woman involved, and that's enough for the tabloids to think this is a story that will run and run; any opportunity to put her mug shot on the front page was eagerly taken," says Jim Broadbent.
Snoop Dogg determines this is the year he gets his face off the default position of police department mug shot computer programs.