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a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law

civilian dress worn by a person who is entitled to wear a military uniform

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After the meeting, Mufti took to Twitter to say that she also discussed the implementation of Agenda of Alliance (AoA) with Prime Minister Modi.
Earlier on Tuesday, Mufti Qavi had appeared before the sessions court for the first time in connection with the murder case, however, the court had adjourned the hearing of the case till October 18 on his lawyer's request.
He informed that Mufti Qavi was a cardiac patient with two stents, adding that the suspect was being examined at the hospital and doctors' advice would be followed in this connection.
The new Mehbooba Mufti has in a single stroke and in a few days' time changed the narrative of the political scene in the Valley.
The Mufti of the Republic recalled that the amount of the Zakat El-Fitr for the year 1437 of the Hegira, corresponding to 2016, has been set at 1 dinar 475 millimes.
Earlier a meeting was held at met complex Karachi which was presided over by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman and attended by Maulana Qari Hameed Jalandhri, Maulana Yaseen Zafar, Allama Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi, Maulana Abdul Rasheed, Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad, Maulana Muhammad Salfi, Qarar Ali Naqvi, and Mufti Naeem Ahmed Tariq.
The meeting was attended by the delegation accompanying The Grand Mufti and Russian Ambassador Vagif Garaev.
The mufti did not speak to Hitler in terms of 'you should do this', or 'what do you think of a final solution?
BAGHDAD / NINA/ Unidentified gunmen killed the Mufti of the Husba (Daash Police) by weapons with silencers in front of his home in the right side of the city of Mosul.
ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos II on Thursday hosted Turkish Cypriot Mufti Talip Atalay in Paphos, who visited a number of Muslim monuments and prayed with around 100 faithful at the Mouttalos mosque.
A The declaration is signed by the Chief Mufti Mustafa Hadzhi and his deputies and condemns the abarbaric attempts of the so-called Islamic State Of Iraq and the Levanta.
Dubai Newly elected Grand Mufti Abdul Latif Daryan, called for modernisation in a speech on Sunday and criticised extremisim.
Muhammad Arif Chishti, Mufti Liaquat Ali Rizvi, Mufti
Based on Article 13 of legislative Decree 18 of 1955, the Higher Islamic Council asks Prime Minister Tammam Salam, who heads the Islamic Electoral Council, to call on the body as quickly as possible to elect a grand mufti," said the council of former Minister Omar Miskawi after it convened at Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in Downtown Beirut.
There is no justification for the killing of Farzana in such a barbaric manner," said Mufti Muhammad Shareef Rizvi, speaking after the meeting.