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an attempt to destroy someone's reputation

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In a text message to reporters, de Lima confessed that she is somewhat scared of the pressure and the expected mudslinging once she entered the political arena.
More discussion of issues Less More mudslinging Less 1992 59% 34% 68% 16% 1996 25 65 49 36 2000 46 36 34 46 2004 47 42 72 14 2008 57 34 54 27 2012 38 51 68 19 Note: Table made from bar graph.
There was lots of mudslinging and general nastiness in the last Cardiff election with accusations of concreting Cardiff over etc.
However, almost as sickening as the obscene rewards bandied about for bankers who are largely responsible for our current economic woes, is the political mudslinging that has erupted over Mr Hester's payments.
Stalin has indulged in mudslinging by saying that our leader (Jayalalithaa) has grabbed land in Kodanad including the public pathway which is a total mis-statement of facts", the minister said.
Sir, The latest round of mudslinging involving The National Federation of Retail Newsagents from Colin Finch, former president, does not do any good for either the federation or its members, who Finch purports to be concerned about.
Much mudslinging ensued with guitarist Cazares going off to do his own thing while singer Bell did his best to keep the Factory ticking over.
The way the deputies or the political forces deal with each other and the language used to describe the positions of the other powers changed to the point where it was no longer important to the deputies to enter history through famous sayings, as long as they could enter it through commotion and mudslinging.
The fight for the queen's crown gets nasty fast, and Madge is caught up in the mudslinging.
While the involvement of openly LGBT candidates in politics is at an all-time high, the mudslinging is as well.
They fear that the political infighting and campaign mudslinging will weaken the nominee ultimately chosen to stand against John McCain, who now officially has clinched the Republican Party nomination.
Despite what most people say - that they want a campaign based on the issues, not on mudslinging - the fact remains that mudslinging works.
If this happens, it would rightly be called mudslinging, and the Diet would rightly face criticism for shirking its responsibilities.
During the mudslinging run-up to the midterm election, reports revealed that Boyias--the CEO of Marina Pacific Distributors, which produces hard-core gay-porn flicks like Wet Palms and Jackhammer is a frequent contributor to the Republican National Committee.