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The major purpose of rebels attack on North and South Kordufan has intended to plant the tribalism ordeals in Abyei area and to muddiness the clearness of the new product of the relations between Sudan and South Sudan and breakdown the implementation of the matrix cooperation agreement between Khartoum and Juba .
The muddiness of the governing paradigm makes clear that what form that relationship should take remains unsettled.
Murray and Farrington review a wide range of studies on a particular issue, allowing them to show the muddiness of the results.
Comparing the regimes lays bare the muddiness inherent in the trademark system.
Nelkin does well when swimming through the ocean of material, but as a reader I found myself drowning in details and the muddiness of replies and counter-replies.
It will become further complex with all its facets intermingled forming a confluence of muddiness.
What this temporal sleight of hand requires, then, is that we rescue a diachronic narrative of progress and enlightenment from the polluting muddiness of historical contingency.
In Noir, as with every one of Robert Coover's books, there is a need to read each sentence carefully, to stay with it as it were, rather than getting ahead or going back because of accelerations due to plot or psychological concern that might slow the reading, turning sentences in on themselves, and into a mire of heavy-footed muddiness.
A far cry from the generic nature - and muddiness - of collective corporate accountability.
144) And in both cases, the Court sought to escape the muddiness of the positive law by grasping for an old common-law chestnut: the rule that ownership of interest follows ownership of the principal.
considerable muddiness about precisely which obligations are understood
In doing so, more questions will be asked that encourage researchers to explore the complexities, "confusion, and muddiness of everyday life, where human sentiments in all their varieties interact" (Ramirez 1999: 999).
Treasury's efforts to expunge this muddiness from substantiality
The dominant support is mud and muddiness is generally a property of rocks deposited in quiet water and a low energy environment.
The collection of smaller canvases on the other hand, did not share the same muddiness of watered blackness of the larger pieces.