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The attempt goes beautifully wrong in its muddiness, trails into a fragment of out-of-focus something, and on to a soliloquy of confused brushwork.
02 mg/l), water transparency exceeded 20 cm (standard for a drinking water) and muddiness is close to 0 mg/l.
1-2 miss a tackle, 6-4 drop a high ball, 16 to be substituted, 25 to change his shirt due to muddiness, 33 to scre a try.
The locus of value is still the human, though there may be sufficient muddiness, if we err on the side of caution, to let some animals into the club.
He profiles the North Sea and illustrates how its growing problems with muddiness and the over growth of algae are direct consequences of overfishing during the past 2 centuries.
THE muddiness of what became the LAPD's Rampart scandal has found its symbol in Roy Montes -- a criminal who won a handsome payout thanks to the transgressions of the Rampart Division's rogue cops.
In fact, though some muddiness could not be avoided (especially, strangely enough in the middle movement, the work's silkiest), the performance of this masterpiece came over as purposefully etched, and, after acknowledging the formidable expertise of the players themselves, much of the credit for this must go to the wise, experienced conducting of one of the world's great Stravinskians - Sir Colin Davis.
Mike Buchanan, who is a graduate of MVCTC's environmental science program and instructs the environmental science/natural resources tech prep program, says, "There has been a noticeable improvement in the turbidity or muddiness of the water in the pond after a rain as well as a decrease in algae blooms attributed to nutrient loading from agricultural crops.
They say mourners are at risk, due to the muddiness of the cemetery.
21 guest viewpoint asked a lot of loaded and unproductive questions in his stated attempt to rescue us from the muddiness in the conversation about how Eugene governs itself.
As my study progressed, the muddiness increased, rather than the opposite.
And it was precisely this muddiness which troubled the League so.
She also claims that Tanizaki's versions of "West" and "East" merely represent two poles of his psychological tendencies: brightness against darkness, clarity against mystery, and transparency against muddiness.
Influence examination-I of the muddiness exerted on an abalone.