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protective secretion of the mucus membranes

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Mucus that builds up in your nose or throat while you lay down irritates your throat, so pop extra pillows under your head and let gravity do its work.
Dickey has identified components of the molecular mechanism within the mucus secretory cells of the airway lining epithelium as possible targets that could decrease the hypersecretion of mucus.
Treatment with nebulized Theradux, which relaxes abnormally stiffened mucus, is anticipated to help restore mucus transport and clearance in the majority of CF patients.
The scientists also made headway in the lab in exploring a potential new therapeutic approach to dissolve those bonds and return the mucus to a liquid that is easier for the lungs to clear.
For the first time ever, they report that mucus in the large intestine provides a valuable anti-inflammatory and self-regulating immune function.
Whenever the mucus layer gets too dense, it can crash through the brush and stick to cells.
Made by cells that line the respiratory tract, mucus is composed mainly of water and glycoproteins called mucins.
The brush-like layer consists of protective molecules that keep sticky mucus from reaching the cilia and epithelial cells, thus ensuring the normal flow of mucus.
We need a mechanism to remove all the junk we breathe in, and the way it's done is with a very sticky gel called mucus that catches these particles and removes them with the help of tiny cilia.
Allergy, sinusitis and environmental factors such as the air at home or work being dry can trigger excess mucus.
Yellow mucus is caused by white blood cells When your immune system is fighting a cold virus, one of the first symptoms is clear, runny mucus from the nose.
The study, by scientists with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA, represents the first time anyone has found the cell of origin for the many types of cells that make up the mucus glands and that can also repair the surface epithelium.
The soft, barrel-shaped, transparent animals take in water at one end, filter out tiny edible plants and animals with internal nets made of mucus, and squirt water out their back ends to propel themselves forward.
It may be related to simple problems with the mucus membrane lining the nasal passages.
The cells lining the gut are covered in a protective layer of mucus that is continuously renewed by specialized cells.