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the exposure of scandal (especially about public figures)

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All journalists are contributors to "Global Muckraking," a well-regarded anthology on investigative journalism edited by Anya Schiffren of Columbia University.
s and Taft's very different relationships with muckraking reporters--especially the big three, Ray Stannard Baker, Ida Tarbell, and Lincoln Steffens, who worked at the Progressive magazine, McClures, headed by S.
She focuses on both the muckraking journalists and the political goals of Roosevelt and Taft before they ended their friendship over the presidential nomination, which paved the way for Woodrow Wilson's election and altered the course of American history.
Albans, Vermont, changes in publishing violence in word and art, the differences between straightforward reporting and muckraking, the representation and growth of symbols in political partisanship, religion and death as represented by the 19th century newspaper, hoaxes, sex, of course, and hatred turned journalistic.
To celebrate four decades of muckraking on issues of race and poverty, we kick off this 40th anniversary edition with a focus on four of The Chicago Reporter's key beats--criminal justice, immigration, labor and housing.
Whyte had earlier refused the opportunity to appear in the Beeb programme, Rangers: The Inside Story, and branded it "a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
Earlier this week, Rangers withdrew co-operation with the BBC, with the Clydesdale Bank Premier League club describing the programme as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
The club described the programme, which will be shown on Thursday evening, as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
The Clydesdale Bank Premier League club described the programme, which will be shown tonight, as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
Just look at our past roll call of shame, from the vajazzling of Celebrity Salon all the way to the muckraking of Feirm Factor and TV3's never-to-be-repeated The Box.
ABC News quoted a Kyiv Post report as saying that the decapitated body of Gongadze, a muckraking journalist whose website exposed corruption and repression in the Kuchma administration, was found along the road to the Kyiv airport months after he was kidnapped from his home in September 200.
She loved to sit with tawdry muckraking reporters & blather about sex," the group said on its website.
And, unlike many dependent on corporate largesse, he welcomed the investigations of Ralph Naderthis was back when Nader was a good guy (a great guy, in fact)arguing that his muckraking activism forced people like him "to make ourselves more responsible.
The author offers an engaging, descriptive account of the parallel, and sometimes intersecting, lives of Ida Tarbell, the muckraking journalist, and John D.