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a nitrogenous substance found in mucous secretions

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Snail mucin and hyaluronic acid enhance skin smoothness and hydration.
Cutaneous mucinosis is a group of disorders characterized by abnormal deposition of mucin in the skin.
In our case, the histopathological findings on the thigh showed a dermal granuloma, with mucin and cellulose in the center.
Aberrant intestinal expression and allelic variants of mucin genes associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Mucin gene deciency in mice impairs host resistance to an enteric parasitic infection.
During their first month with extended-wear lenses, nearly three-fourths of participants developed tiny deposits of mucin ("mucin balls") on the eye.
Materials and methods: ELISA tests and real-time PCR analysis were used to assess the expression of MUC1 mucin in fibroblast cells cocultured with 30 [micro]M concentration of luteolin.
Mucin-producing variant of IPN-B presents with macroscopic mucin hypersecretion, impeding bile flow and resulting in obstructive jaundice and cholangitis.
47) In order to maintain a healthy and wet ocular surface mucin is secreted from goblet cells in the corneal epithelium and the conjunctiva.
Hypothesis/Purpose: We investigated whether verticine, ebeiedine and suchengbeisine isolated from the bulbs of Fritillaria thunbergii inhibit the gene expression and production of MUC5AC mucin from human airway epithelial cells.
This edition includes discussion of biofilm development by Campylobacter jejuni, an update on the resistance of Listeria monocytogenes to sanitizing agents, more on human intestinal microbial biofilm and its correlation with intestinal mucin secretion, updated and expanded applications of biofilm reactors for the production value-added products, and two new methods to control biofilms in the food environment: bio-nanoparticle technology and bacteriophages.
Mucinous cyst adenoma is a rare cystic neoplasm of the vermiform appendix characterized by villous adenomatous changes of the appendicular epithelium associated with mucin filled lumen.
INTRODUCTION: MA refers to dilated mucin filled appendicular lumen which may be secondary to distal obstruction.
Histologic examination of the diseased tissue identified allergic mucin with 70% eosinophils and no fungal hyphae.
During the excision, we observed that the content of the cyst included a significant amount of mucin with a few blood clots and tissue fragments.