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a nitrogenous substance found in mucous secretions

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Using confocal microscopy, the scientists learned why: CF mucus consists of a dense core of mucin with a layer of DNA wrapped around it, like a thin blanket draped over a solid pillow.
015; (22) this may be of benefit to patients whose lid wiper is not adequately protected by a healthy mucin layer.
1,5-9) In contrast, Liwnicz and colleagues suggested that the formation of stones may be secondary to the mucin secretion from the cystic tumour.
Low-grade/well-differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma with PMP showed appendiceal rupture with mucin extravasation into the abdomen.
Medial displacement of the tip of the right lobe of the liver due to focal collection of mucin in the right subhepatic space, known as Hellmer's sign, may be seen.
Mucocele of the appendix is a descriptive term that refers to dilation of the appendiceal lumen as a result of mucin accumulation and is based on the gross or macroscopic appearance of the appendix.
Lupus erythematosus is the prototypic interface dermatitis associated with a perivascular and perifollicular lymphocytic infiltrate, increased dermal mucin, and follicular plugging (Figure 2).
In a 2003 study, researchers looked at several herbs that increase mucin production from mucin-producing cells.
CT scan done at 10 years after initial diagnosis as part of routine surveillance revealed gross dilatation of main pancreatic duct to 10 mm along with a widely patent communication between the pancreatic duct and the stomach raising the possibility of a spontaneous gastro-pancreatic fistula measuring up to 19 mm associated with layering of mucin within the stomach.
The dysplastic lesions also displayed variation in the mucin content depending on the severity of the dysplasia.
Scleromyxedema (also called papular mucinosis) is a chronic connective tissue disorder in which mucin deposits cause the skin to become red and raised, and make the movement of affected areas difficult.
Mucin lubricates the apical surface of epithelium and provides a barrier against pathogen.
The illustrated chapters include fixation and processing, microtomy, frozen sections, hematoxylin and eosin, Gram stain, myobacteria, Heliobacter pylori, spirochetes, fungi, trichrome stains, reticulin, elastin stains, basement membranes, mucin stains, amyloid, and immunohistochemistry.