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Synonyms for mucilaginous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for mucilaginous

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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At least some Ericaceae are good colonizers, probably because they have the following characteristics: lignotuberous, rhizomatous, or clonal; self-compatible; abundant fruit with many small seeds; bird dispersed, sometimes probably over long distances; seeds that apparently tolerate wide-ranging microenvironmental factors and fluctuations, such as variable, diurnal temperatures, high insolation, extremes of dryness and moisture; seeds with green embryos and mucilaginous sheaths adapted for rapid germination in a stressf ul environment.
Examples of species whose mucilaginous seeds adhere to the soil surface (myxospermy) (Zohary, 1937, 1962) are Anastatica hierochuntica L.
Colony of few cells are surrounded by mucilaginous envelopes, more or less spherical, cells rarely spherical, usually hemispherical to irregular, with homogeneous or granular content.
Once established, didymo is capable of thickly covering the entire stream bottom through production of extracellular stalks which can accumulate into mucilaginous mats several centimeters thick (Spaulding and Elwell, 2007; Blanco and Ector, 2009).
The plant received the common name of puttyroot from the mucilaginous substances in the corms that Native Americans and pioneers used as a paste to mend broken pottery (Correll 1950; Whiting & Catling 1986).
Processing Chia is inherently difficult, since Chia seed cannot be conventionally washed and cleaned: when you introduce Chia seeds to water, they form a mucilaginous complex.
That dormancy in nightshade is due to the use of inadequate extraction methods while the seed dormancy in jute mallow is caused by the impermeability of the mucilaginous coat surrounding the seed [5].
Its mucilaginous texture makes it ideal as a thickening agent.
Ready to use DNA extracted with CTAB method adapted for herbarium specimens and mucilaginous plant tissue.
The sugary and mucilaginous pulp of the myrobalan fruit gives an unctuous, almost viscous or rubbery consistency (unlike the gall nuts used in other countries), which means that it can be applied without running and without needing any extra thickener.
It is mucilaginous (similar to Malabar spinach) and has an extremely slippery texture.
Addition of organic matter to soils also enhances microbial activities and biomass, which would produce extracellular mucilaginous polysaccharide materials having the capacity to stabilize soil aggregates (ROBERSON et al.
Mycelia (10 ml) was inoculated into 200 ml of modified malt extract broth in 600-ml vessels, and then cultured at 25-28 [degrees]C for 60 days by shaking at 130 rpm to obtain a mucilaginous medium containing the mycelia.
Aloe vera is a widely distributed Liliaceae plant in tropical regions and cosmetic and medicinal products are made from the mucilaginous tissue in the centre of the A.
These organisms are then replaced by heterotrophs that form a mucilaginous sheet over the original layer of bacteria-encrusted sand.