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greatness of quantity or measure or extent

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Andy's pick: North (Wales) GEORGE FORD v DAN BIGGAR Some would also include Owen Farrell in this equation and it's much of a muchness with the lot of them.
That's been the problem from the start for the other three candidates, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall in that they all seem much of a muchness and part of the Westminster machine whereas Corbyn offers the thrill of genuinely radical politics.
In the mid-50s, Jack Dan- iel's Tennessee Whiskey was one of dozens of nondescript US regional brands - all much of a muchness.
WHERE AND WHY You see Novotels everywhere so it's easy to bracket them with other big hotel chains as bland, ordinary and much of a muchness.
We've only got two or three world-class players, apart from that it's all much of a muchness.
There's going to be disappointments along the way as the league is so close and many teams have a much of a muchness about them.
Despite the presence of Presteigne 'regulars' - Cecilia McDowall, Gabriel Jackson and Joe Duddell in particular - and others, it was actually a much of a muchness programme, albeit stunningly delivered in terms of tonal quality and technical brilliance under Rupert Cough's unobtrusive direction.
Boro's options up front are very much of a muchness at the moment, and finding a physical presence on whatever budget is available would be one of the missing pieces of the jigsaw.
There is too much of a muchness there, and not a lot of creativity to overcome most Premier League defences.
Characters in the game are much of a muchness with the earlier games apart from the fact that they are all now rockers
The current crop of home-trained sprinters look much of a muchness and tend to beat each other each time they race.
Having spent two decades in a suit--and what a suit it was--most of the office parties I can recall seem much of a muchness.
Sprint racing can be a much of a muchness and he's raced against some of these before and beaten them.
Un De Sceaux looks very good, but the rest look much of a muchness.