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greatness of quantity or measure or extent

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Boro's options up front are very much of a muchness at the moment, and finding a physical presence on whatever budget is available would be one of the missing pieces of the jigsaw.
TONY SMURTHWAITE'S article (January 4) points out the increasing importance of media rights to racecourses and, thus, to the funding of the industry However, he writes as though TurfTV and SIS are much of a muchness, when there are important differences.
There is too much of a muchness there, and not a lot of creativity to overcome most Premier League defences.
Characters in the game are much of a muchness with the earlier games apart from the fact that they are all now rockers
Another thought - while a fair number of bodies are available to cover the midfield line, they are much of a muchness, and a genuine creator, a locksmith to unpick opposition defences, would be more than welcome.
The current crop of home-trained sprinters look much of a muchness and tend to beat each other each time they race.
Having spent two decades in a suit--and what a suit it was--most of the office parties I can recall seem much of a muchness.
There is a huge range on the market and they are much of a muchness.
The teams last year were much of a muchness and the sides who got promoted were the ones who were the most consistent, with Watford performing miracles.
I'm told the Premiership is much of a muchness this season and, if we were already there, I think we would be among the muchness," added Greaves.
But there is a much of a muchness in this division.
Ratings wobbled, the tasks were tired and the candidates were much of a muchness.
There's a much of a muchness about the sides this time around.
I genuinely feel it would be much of a muchness to our strongest squads as things stand, so I wouldn't be in favour of it.
That's better, reassuring since oil refineries are much of a muchness.