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garden tool for mowing grass on lawns

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Optional Attachments - DR's four-season attachments (42" lawn mower, snow thrower, chipper and grader/snow blade) are now available on all walk-behind models thanks to a simplified design scheme.
The Global Lawn Mower Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the lawn mower industry.
Sharpen and Balance Mower Blades: Every eight to 10 hours of use, sharpen blades and replace damaged ones.
The lightly-used three-year old mower purchased by the county will have a one-year warranty.
The 109bhp mower was driven by Piers Ward who also eclipsed the previous record of 87.
In trials it was found that wheeled types were best for a typical family lawn of up to 150 square metres, but if you need an extension lead longer than 25m, a small petrol mower might be worth considering.
Among the best buy mowers for small lawns, taking into account manoeuvrability in cutting a typical small family lawn, the Flymo Venturer (above, pounds 65) came out the top scorer overall, leaving a neat finish and was extremely easy to move.
POLICE are appealing for information after four lawn mowers worth thousands of pounds were stolen from a Midland cricket club.
Remote control lawn mowers from The Summit Lawn Mower Company utilize a self-charging power system while remaining practical on any lawn.
The survey, which focused on the smallest (28-33cm wide) and cheapest (under pounds 100) mowers, gave Flymo the thumbs up, with its pounds 60 Venturer 32 wheeled rotary mower being voted best buy.
Others which also fared well included the Flymo Pac a Mow (pounds 90), a rotary mower which was best at cutting a typical lawn, although it was on the heavy side at 16kg, while the Flymo Micro Lite, among the cheapest at pounds 40 and the lightest at 4.
The recently launched Gardena Powermax 32E (pounds 90), a wheeled rotary mower, was also among the best buys and did well in all the tests, and comes with a well-balanced carry handle, a single lever to adjust cutting height and adjustable handle height.
The 60D and 72D AutoConnect[TM] mid-mount mower decks are the next generation in ease-of-use and attachment technology for use with the 3000 Twenty series CUT tractors.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates that a single gas lawn mower emits the same amount of volatile organic compounds in an hour as a car driven 350 miles.
Those who misuse an auto or a mower are held accountable as individuals.