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a van used for moving home or office furniture

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Jami Davies from Brackla, Bridgend, survived a car accident when he was flung from the roof of a moving van in Porthcawl
But I am a big fan of the televising of the moving van.
When the late owner Robert Irsay ordered Mayflower moving vans to pack the Colts' belongings and drive them to Indianapolis in the middle of a snowy night on March 28, 1984, it left a rift that, indeed, carries on even today.
My first thought was to call a moving van for him, but I thought of a more economical suggestion.
Stretching almost eleven feet high, almost a foot thick in places, and not completely dry, the nearly one-ton painting required a crew of professional movers to cut through upper-story windows and hoist it into a moving van en route to the Pasadena Art Museum, where it was installed in a small "storage gallery.
A baby grand piano can be stolen with a moving van while you are on vacation.
A BOY of 11 leaped from a moving van to escape a kidnapper who grabbed him just yards from his home.
Indeed there was a moving van parked close to the door, a conventional 10-wheeler cab hooked to a low-bed van.
One of the newest stars in the rock music world is "Cyrus," a former moving van converted into a solar-energy power station for recording CDs.
The most dangerous method is to blanket-wrap them in pads and place them amid the load on the moving van.
moving van set wheels on Soviet soil for the first time ever.
In August, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled his national "California Wants Your Business" billboard campaign by driving a moving van adorned with the billboards down the Las Vegas Strip.
Always secure the back door of the moving van or trailer with a padlock.
London, Jan 13 ( ANI ): It seems that the estranged couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are finally separating, as a moving van was spotted outside the house they had bought together on Hollywood Hills, on Wednesday.
POLICE are warning youngsters not to risk their lives taking part in a "traffic surfing" craze after a teenager died after falling off the back of a moving van.