moving staircase

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a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt

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They should consider installing a photography booth at the bottom like they have at Disneyland's Splash Mountain so the patrons have a souvenir to take home of themselves screaming when the moving staircase comes to a stop.
I WAS in town today and after walking around Westgate Street, St Mary Street, Working Street, the market, our famous stores and the lovely St David's Centre I came up the moving staircase to Queen Street and what a disgrace.
As it happened I eventually discovered the moving staircase was the best way to keep her occupied.
It featured one of the first escalators in the country and was the first railway to feature such a moving staircase.
During your three-minute loo escape, the kids all eat, and are shown to their dorms via the moving staircase and talking paintings.
Judge Nigel Howarth described the situation they found themselves in as ``a moving staircase going against them at a speed faster than he can run''.
If his Phantom Of The Opera was a musical about a chandelier, then this one seems to be the biography of a moving staircase.
The moving staircase at posh Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh couldn't cope with the pressure of all the eager shoppers.
His museum in Hyderabad even boasts a scaled-down London bus and a moving staircase.
Hogwarts(TM) - Between the moving staircase & secret passages at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it can be tricky for players to find their way around Harry Potter's school.
Who doesn't regularly jump on to a moving staircase rather than walk up a flight of steps?