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Synonyms for moving

Synonyms for moving

capable of moving or being moved from place to place

exciting a deep, usually somber response

Antonyms for moving

in motion

Related Words

arousing or capable of arousing deep emotion

used of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion


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Another asset for movers, Moving Guardian's Moving Calculator makes it possible for users to specify the belongings they would like to move by room, at which point the calculator will estimate the total volume and weight of the items.
In each example of a potential application described in this article, the motion of the moving part of the geometry is prescribed as if controlled by a programmable machine.
Miles' moving costs averaged between $3,000 and $4,000, which included scouting for apartments to actually moving and settling in.
Recently, an Army second lieutenant in Alabama told Thomas his moving problems would "affect" his decision to re-enlist.
However, hydraulic systems are expensive, and their many moving parts and seals lead to high maintenance costs.
value of moving and storage services provided to a MAE spouse or dependent by the government in connection with a move to a permanent change of station is not includible in income.
Once the moving platen locks onto the tiebars, the ram and die plate move up to 1.
11 to limit the deductibility of moving expenses in excess of $5,000 per move.
The All My Sons Moving Careers site features job postings, industry and career news.
Moving Guardian provides thorough moving company ratings that promote integrity and transparency among moving and relocation services.
I missed the nuts and bolts part of the moving business," Molloy explains.
In all, elements of 8 of 10 Army divisions will be moving to, or from, Operation Iraqi Freedom, in Iraq, and Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan.
And the parts which are moving to their natural position move in two cases: (i) they might be moving from their natural position by force, [in which case] they would move back to their natural position by nature or (ii) they are being created and moving to their natural position like the fire that emerges from the oil and is moving up.
SAUGUS - LARC Ranch, a live-in facility for 93 developmentally disabled adults, is experiencing the excitement, chaos and stress of one of life's inevitabilities: moving.
He played with amazing restraint and subtlety, quietly moving his pieces until he developed positions in which my options were extremely limited.
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