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the production of movies

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As a one-stop shop Moviemaking Architect, Cohen puts together the nuts and bolts of creating films for those with great ideas and secure funding.
urnish has now spoken out about the rivalry between his partner and the pop superstar, questioning her win at the Globes and urging her to quit moviemaking.
Salamon Castiel, director of the festival said "it is the first time that a country has been chosen as a guest of honour in the Mostra de Valence," adding that the selected movies were chosen to give the public a global idea on the different facets of the Moroccan moviemaking.
The thinking goes that a country facing constant security threats hardly has time and cash for moviemaking.
I want to put the Midlands at the apex of a moviemaking mountain where anything Cannes can do, we can do better.
As an aside to the moviemaking, he also found time to co-found Chinawhite, an exclusive London club, and more recently the Aura Restaurant and Bar concept.
Grasping the depth of the moviemaking commitment, the dogs cooperated.
The network is also looking to get back into the moviemaking business, Lee says.
The collaborative effort of Hong Kong Film Archive programmer Law Kar and film and modern history scholar Frank Bren, Hong Kong Cinema: A Cross-cultural View, traces the history of Hong Kong's film arts from the "Western shadow plays" of the late 1890s, to the boom of the 1930s, to Hong Kong's title of the "Hollywood of China" that has eclipsed the moviemaking prominence of Shanghai since the 1940s, a preeminence that continues to this day.
Apple has upgraded its four multimedia tools--iTunes for music management, iPhoto for digital photography moviemaking, and iDVD for burning DVDs--into a single package known as iLife.
As Stursberg pushes for an audience-oriented consciousness that will move Canadian moviemaking "into a different sort of paradigm," he also reaffirms Telefilm's commitment to personal moviemaking and youthful experiments.
Classroom moviemaking is possible and practical because of major hardware and software innovations, like Firewire and iMovie--both inventions of Apple Computer.
It will deliver cost-efficient moviemaking to the New York metropolitan area.
The winner scores $1,000 cash, a multimedia computer, lots of moviemaking and computer editing software, plus $100 worth of beauty products (no stylist necessary).