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someone who goes to see movies

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With the overabundance of media noise and clutter being thrown at consumers on a daily basis, FanScore enables the moviegoer to synthesize the information they need at a one stop shopping destination," said Kevin Goetz, President of the Worldwide Motion Picture Group at OTX.
Tens of Thousands of Texting Moviegoers Have Spoken
The MAB is a moviegoer community comprised of consumers who either buy movie tickets online or who search for movie information online, formed from a partnership between Nielsen Entertainment and MovieTickets.
Over 2600 members were queried on a number of subjects to produce the presentation to the ShoWest Marketing Summit attendees, disclosing critical information regarding moviegoer attendance, advertising and emerging distribution option available to the consumer.
com) -- the latest indication that FlickPicks is becoming one of the foremost Websites for moviegoers.
By creating a convenient system that delivers movie times on demand via text messaging to mobile phones, The Aura Group's MovieConnect is paving the way for movie studios to interact with moviegoers.
Since the average moviegoer does not have a voice in the Academy's picks for Oscars or any other award, The American Moviegoer Awards enables him or her to have their voice heard.
Said Campbell: ``The eagerly anticipated (movie) presented us with the ideal property to extend (our) relationship with the most enthusiastic moviegoers by making materials, which in the past were only available to a very small group of people, now available to the general public.
poll of avid moviegoers beginning today (Monday, March 4) called The
Interested moviegoers simply text-message film keywords to 43KIX (43549), using keywords appearing in movie advertisements everywhere.
Millions of votes were cast in the 11th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards on Moviefone.
Phantom Menace'' was a huge help to its rivals, analysts contend, as moviegoers ignored critical carping over Jar Jar Binks and the inevitable comparison with the original ``Star Wars.
Harry Potter, Star Wars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were just a few of the films and actors nominated in the eleventh annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards, the long-running awards program from Moviefone.
Analyst Arthur Rockwell said Fox executives are likely to be disappointed with the lack of moviegoer enthusiasm for Terrence Malick's offbeat re-creation of the battle of Guadalcanal.
First-day grosses on ``Halloween: H2O,'' starring scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, showed a healthy moviegoer appetite for the resurgent slasher genre.