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someone who goes to see movies

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By creating a convenient system that delivers movie times on demand via text messaging to mobile phones, The Aura Group's MovieConnect is paving the way for movie studios to interact with moviegoers.
Said Campbell: ``The eagerly anticipated (movie) presented us with the ideal property to extend (our) relationship with the most enthusiastic moviegoers by making materials, which in the past were only available to a very small group of people, now available to the general public.
Interested moviegoers simply text-message film keywords to 43KIX (43549), using keywords appearing in movie advertisements everywhere.
Millions of votes were cast in the 11th Annual Moviefone Moviegoer Awards on Moviefone.
Phantom Menace'' was a huge help to its rivals, analysts contend, as moviegoers ignored critical carping over Jar Jar Binks and the inevitable comparison with the original ``Star Wars.
Johnny Depp, who won Best Actor in the last two Moviegoer Awards for his roles in Finding Neverland and Pirates of the Caribbean, goes for the hat trick with his third nomination in as many years for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
It continues to benefit from a lack of rival films aimed at young male moviegoers, along with strong interest in the upcoming Super Bowl.
Typically, horror films suffer steep declines after their opening weekends, but Curtis' star power and the strong interest in stab-fest films among young-adult moviegoers may keep the seventh version of ``Halloween'' near the top of the box office through August.
The time code can also activate lighting (3) in the theater, creating visual effects for the moviegoer.
Mar 09 ( ANI ): Turns out, majority of female moviegoers favour action over any other genre, including romance, a survey has discovered.
Rosa City, Laguna, where Cinemalaya films were screened for nine days, out of the projected audience attendance of 7,164, it gathered only 1,328 moviegoers, or about 19 percent.
NEW YORK -- Social media has made inroads into shaping moviegoers' choices at the multiplex, but a new poll finds that an overwhelming majority of moviegoers still count on movie reviews.
The MPAA, citing a nationwide survey conducted last August by Nielsen Entertainment/NRG, said 81 percent of moviegoers who had seen at least one movie in 2005 thought the experience was a good investment of time and money, and just 15 percent preferred watching the movie on DVD.
FOR GAY MOVIEGOERS with fond memories of Cuba Gooding Jr.