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Annually, movie theaters see an average audience of 200 million people _ with each person seeing around four films.
More movie theaters are selling beer and wine to attract adults to the cinema - and keep them coming back.
Tehran had 109 movie theaters in 1978 before the revolution when the population was 5 million.
Around 5 million som will be required for rehabilitation of the movie theater, she said.
They were open theaters and it was like if you were in a drive-in movie theater, but, you were sitting down.
The company also continues the negotiation to sell the "Urvich" former movie theater.
Summary: SIDON: Out of eight movie theaters in the southern coastal city of Sidon, only two survived.
The movie theaters that we have, both Edwards, are constantly packed, and shows are sold out.
Lights appear in parks, gardens, churches, and beyond downtown in the bridges with colorful murals that have become the city's trademark, leading to the malls in the north and south and their multiple shopping opportunities and movie theaters.
In Chinatowns all over the world, movie theaters were shutting down one by one, Movietown had begun its long decline, and the widescreen epics of great directors like King Hu, Zhang Che, and Chu Yuan survived, if at all, as truncated, faded, panned-and-scanned, horribly dubbed videos, interspersed indistinguishably with far cruder and cheaper martial-arts fodder and valued chiefly as a source of motifs and samples for hip-hop records.
The movie theater also is expected to add about 20 jobs.
In 1961, while still at ABC, Rubin bought a movie theater, eventually owning about 10 independent movie theaters in New York.
FEDERAL COURT in Los Angeles ruled in November that the AMC movie theater chain violated the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) by offering patrons who use wheelchairs and their companions only inferior seating in the front rows of its new stadium-style movie theaters.
If Johnston has an issue with sexual activity happening in the porno movie theater, then you know how to stop that?
The architectural plans involve renovating the 800-seat mainstage space and reviving the adjacent, now-defunct Thalia movie theater as an art-house cinema and cabaret-style performance venue.