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a star who plays leading roles in the cinema

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She wanted her staff to have a day out with a movie star.
What if you wrote a letter to a movie star and you got an unexpected response?
The writing and story are engaging, and so are the themes of dealing with the loss of a father, coping with sudden stardom, the difference between a real girl and a movie star, and the price of fame.
The cartoonist seems to think that becoming a movie star is easier than governing California.
Movie star Ronald Reagan was elected governor there in 1967 and went on later to win the 1981 election and become President of America, and with his movie-star wife Nancy Davis they moved into the White House.
Following on the heels of the January ouster of President Joseph Estrada -- a former movie star -- on charges of graft and numbers running, Philippine voters, who have a history of putting entertainers in political office, this time sent many of them packing.
Lisa, 27, who has posed for lads' mags in the UK, revealed: "There's no way I would do it now, but if I was a movie star and I thought I could get away with it, I would.
The novel centers on Mosquito, Delgadina, and Mosquito's childhood friend, Monkey Bread, who works as a personal assistant for a famous movie star in California.
The best evidence it could come up with was Bob Costas' account of how an unnamed reporter had asked Popov what American movie star he admired most and had been told, in essence, that he really didn't care about American movie stars.
Hurley certainly is an "odd sort of celebrity": Her primary claim to fame is her "formidable figure"--featured in Estee Lauder ads--and a movie star boyfriend who took a spin with a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard.
Then you guys arrived on the scene and the idea of a movie star was transformed into someone who might be short, dark, brooding, and ethnic.
operates two divisions, the Movie Star division and the Frederick's of Hollywood division:
French movie star Jean Reno heads the cast in this action-packed new Jo sun Fox 9pm NEW series French movie star Jean Reno heads the cast in this action-packed new crime drama set in Paris.
Washington, Jan 16 (ANI): Kate Winslet has admitted that she does not feel like a movie star, despite being one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood.