movie projector

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projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures

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The web site is black and white, a little creepy and has the look of an old movie projector.
So they savored that cool air until the movie projector was shut down for the night.
Converter for 8-mm movie projector to transfer film to video cassette - W.
They traveled to the Klondike armed with good china, polished silver, walking sticks, matching hats, a movie projector that ran on gas, a circus tent, a gramophone, a Great Dane, the workings of a bowling alley, and resolute spirits sharpened in the battles of east coast high society.
Just like a movie projector shines a light upon a screen and creates an image that seems real, so does Purusha reflect on all matter and makes it appear to be conscious.
The six got permission from Paramount Pictures to stage a public showing in a meeting room which they turned in to a makeshift cinema with movie projector and large screen.
The m echanical technology of a movie projector, after all, is not much different from that of a sewing machine.
When my dad pulled out his old beaten-up 8 mm movie projector, you could always hear a loud collective groan from us kids.
You could then develop the film and, rather than playing it back through a movie projector, just stretch it out and hold it up to the light.
He hired a movie projector and watched every comic film he could get hold of.
Believe it or not, its sound came from the motor of an old movie projector and a sputtering TV picture tube.
I recall one weekend when Yeager brought up to Murree a movie projector and a Pentagon film showing how he had broken the sound barrier.
Herman DeVry's "Theater in a Suitcase" Model E portable movie projector, a technology that pioneered the concept of "visual distance learning" and highlights a timely paradigm shift - the use of technology to facilitate education.
The rooftop includes a misting wall, outdoor movie projector, lounging area and barbecuing stations.
A movie projector, a 16-mm film, and an automatic mechanism hidden inside a pedestal: These arc the elements used by Rosa Barba, an Italian-born artist who lives in Berlin, for Machine Vision Seekers, 2004, one of the five powerful installations in her solo exhibition "Stating the Real Sublime.