movie industry

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the entertainment industries involved in producing and distributing movies

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Dubai -- A small bunch of enthusiastic cinema lovers have come together to make an attempt to revive Pakistani's movie industry with their film Jalaibee that releases in the UAE this weekend.
if the movie industry has Aoplayed a bad roleAo, Kidman said, Aoprobably,Ao but quickly added that she herself doesnAAEt.
Wirral-born cult film director Alex Cox is proposing a radical solutionbasedon an idea that has revolutionised film-making in Rotterdam,giving it a movie industry turno ver eight times the size of capital city Amsterdam.
Through a hired-gun Norwegian law firm, the movie industry pressed officials in Norway to arrest 16-year-old John Johansen and his father on charges of breaking a "security arrangement.
The movie industry, including Fox Studios, a Metters' client, also is applying the technology to preserve vintage movies, transferring them from eroding nitrate film to newer, more durable film stock, CD-ROM and laser disk.
As the rise of feminism has caused panic in the bastions of male power, the male-dominated movie industry has pulled out all stops in its portrayal of masculinity as sheer cold-blooded brute force--the better to intimidate you with, my dear.
AccessIT offers the only fully integrated, networked system provider for theater owners and the movie industry.
Study Reveals that Movie Industry has No Standard for Movie Web Addresses
The box-office trifecta of ``The Chronicles of Narnia,'' ``Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' and ``King Kong,'' released in the final six weeks of 2005, combined to gross almost $800 million domestically, giving the movie industry some badly needed momentum and helping to make up for a miserable year.
This past spring, eight finalists gathered at a TV studio in Mumbai (also known as Bombay) for the weekly taping of Indian Idol The singers were art in their late teens and 20s; each dreamed of making it big in Hollywood, India's movie industry.
I asked him to tell me about the Communist Party's efforts to take over our country's movie industry and his role in combating the Reds.
Some critics view it as the final moral and artistic bankruptcy of a movie industry whose stupendous lack of imagination is matched only by its gargantuan appetite for big bucks.
Taking a leading role in helping the industry make a smooth transition to the new high-definition optical formats, Sonic forged the HDAA in 2005 to prepare the movie industry and its authoring facility partners for the rollout of high-definition titles.
With trustworthiness being one of the key components of Scout law, the movie industry is turning to a new ally in its battle against movie piracy: the Boy Scouts of America.
Krane, master film producer, manager to nearly 150 movie stars, former studio owner and authoritative educator, is launching his new book, "A Revolutionary Approach to the Art and Science of Moviemaking: A Treatise on Fixing the Accidental Industry," in Palm beach at his in-depth seminar entitled "Understanding and Breaking Into the Movie Industry.