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Synonyms for movie

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Wanamaker recalls manpower hours spent trying to locate a specific beachside house from the Tom Cruise movie ``Top Gun,'' and the ``Eureka
The movie opens with Jeremiah 23:5-6: "'The days are coming,' declares the LORD, 'when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.
Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed, another Canadian movie about the erotic allure of the big sleep, also reduces its dead to objects, in the process lending vivid new meaning to the term "stiff.
In a movie like this, with such broad characters, there's always that danger that some people might take it the wrong way.
Critical Thinking: What bothered people about the famous grapefruit scene in the movie The Public Enemy?
What sort of God reigns in the world where this movie tells its story?
One nouveau disaster movie that doesn't directly villify corporate greed is Independence Day.
So, in terms of relative prestige, TV was and still is generally viewed (albeit less harshly) as a vast wasteland to which has-been or never-were movie stars are banished.
Bad movies were certainly an easy target for cheap laughs - made even easier by the fact that the Medveds obviously hadn't seen many of the movies they so gleefully lampooned.
The appearance of "Ordinary People' in 1980, they say, may have signaled a turning in the negative tide of movie psychiatrists.
Not only can a user insert variables directly into Mimic movie content, he or she can also create a link to a Flare project, so that the Flare project's variables can be inserted into the Mimic movie.
What is not widely known is that the release of the movie in 1954 about a couple on a rocky honeymoon meant pulling the plug on ``I Love Lucy: The Movie,'' a feature film version of their sitcom that had already been completed.
His first movie as a solo producer, Love at First Sight, starring a young Dan Aykroyd as its blind hero, remains not only better than most Canadian movies but also significantly underrated.
One way to cheer up is to consider the beating the Japanese are taking these days from the American movie industry.