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Synonyms for mover

workman employed by a moving company

(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion

a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

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Monster Movers built its reputation in Massachusetts by hiring local residents with families in the area that are committed to changing the moving industry by providing unprecedented levels of customer service for a reasonable price.
Due to technological advancements, the market for railcar mover in mid segment tractive effort is growing significantly.
The digital media product officially launched last year in targeting new movers for cable, telecom and satellite firms.
POJV is also pleased to announce that for the first time ever, ENR Southeast along with all of ENR s regional editions has singled out one project, the MIA Mover, for its outstanding safety record and jobsite procedures.
When the order is reversed so that the buyer initiates trade, then the second-mover seller makes a one for three transfer to the first mover.
For this Saturday's home match, ticket holders will not be able to use their season tickets in place of a valid Magpie Mover.
Professional commercial movers understand that there are delicate nuances to every company's relocation, and they are experienced adapting to unforeseen complications in the execution phase.
were sent more than the smallest possible positive amount), 11 shared the increase in total surplus by returning more than the first mover sent.
Thus, the question now returns to the beginning, to that of a compound mover in which the fire-part is dominant.
In place of the current bureaucratic system, the revised program will be simplified and claims settled between the mover and customer.
Data movers capable of processing CCWs, channel programs SCSI commands, and FICON/FCP protocols.
The best way to find a mover is through recommendations.
James and Peter Armstrong of Armstrong the Mover in Thunder Bay agree that the industry must improve its efficiency in order to survive.