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being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion

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Similarly, in the model controlling for the behavior of teenagers' friends, youth who had moved shortly before Wave 1 did not have an elevated likelihood of beginning to have intercourse; sexual initiation was positively associated with peers' delinquency and inversely associated with their grade point average.
Sixteen years ago, Valley Crest moved two century-old oaks in Newhall's Placerita Canyon to make room for Applied Energy Services' co-generation power plant.
It was fought bitterly, and vestiges of the bitterness remained when I moved up.
The company's employees are an extremely valuable resource; they provide crucial information about what is important for their department to function, which may affect what is moved and when.
None of the parts or the compounds has any effect on parts of the heaven and if nothing is able to affect it, other than it, from whole or parts, simple or compound bodies, it is not going to be affected and moved potentially by itself.
J from moved from Lincoln Park to Milwaukee's west side.
What can a CPA firm member do to get the firm moved to a new location on time, within budget and without mishap?
Containers and equipment that may be used to provide for buffer storage and transfer would include tubs, flats or baskets moved by lift truck; hoppers and chutes moved by lift truck; roller and monorail conveyors; powered rollers; and conveyor belts.
According to a recently-released study, the antidote to the January blahs could well be new movers--those folks who moved into the community months ago during the summer, and are still looking for the basics of daily life ranging from a good place for linguini to where to get the brakes fixed.
Good movers have moved away from the military to national accounts.
Yaffa said the firm's lease expires in the second quarter of 2000, while the earliest they would have moved out would have been the summer of 1999.
Softek(R) Storage Solutions, the leader in Nonstop Data Mobility(TM) software solutions, today announced its host-based, data migration and replication software has collectively moved more than 40 petabytes of mission-critical data, non-disruptively, while keeping applications on-line in heterogeneous environments.
Younsil Kim, the mother of the family, still remembers the stares and the unsmiling faces when she and her family moved into the brand new housing subdivision n 1980.
Examples are the million square feet at 150 East 42nd Street, a/k/a Hiro Plaza (formerly the Mobil Building), which has been vacant since Mobil moved out of the building at least 8 years ago; 335 Madison Avenue, where downsizing at the Bank of America has resulted in over 300,000 square feet of availability which has been on the market for quite some time; 685 Third Avenue, where downsizing by American Home Products has resulted in over 350,000 square feet of availability which has remained on the market for quite sometime; and 866 Third Avenue, where over 300,000 square feet has been available for quite sometime as a result of the MacMillan Publishing downsizing.