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a religious holiday that falls on different dates in different years

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For A Moveable Feast the musicians are all current or former Birmingham residents, among them trumpeter Percy Pursglove, alto saxophonist Chris Young, bassist James Banner (now working out of Berlin) and drummer Euan Palmer, but they all share those same positive and open-minded qualities.
The Moveable Feast Trio comprises Mark, James Banner (double bass) and Euan Palmer (drums).
The contemporary culinary diversity and creativity resulting from globalisation has provided us with a truly moveable feast.
The Moveable Feast takes place on March 6 from 6pm.
com)-- Storage Village has established a partnership with Moveable Feast to ensure that our homebound neighbors with life threatening illness get the nutrition they need.
The pope is being beatified on the day the Church celebrates the moveable Feast of Divine Mercy, which this year happens to fall on May 1, the most important feast in the former communist world.
Four pounds of hops in each barrel, in five varieties, gives us this luscious little number, a moveable feast for the hop heads in the crew.
Napa Valley Yountville, in CaliforniaOs Napa Valley, has announced its second annual Moveable Feast program, which takes place Jan.
Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar.
This summer, Scribner released a "restored edition" of Hemingway's Moveable Feast.
This year's AHIC theme 'The Challenge of Maintaining Growth' is quite apt at a time when target setting is presently a moveable feast," he added.
EASTER is termed a moveable feast because it is not fixed in relation to the normal calendar.
The question, of course, is just where that line, which has become a moveable feast for Clayton, might lie.
2001, SAN FRANCISCO Remy Charlip--artist, writer, choreographer, designer, teacher, and former dancer with Merce Cunningham's company--presents A Moveable Feast at the Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival.
After a good hash and hatter, we set out to honor the birds with a moveable feast.