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capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another

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Recently, thanks to a Peter Whittingham Award (given annually to an outstanding young musician), he has created the 12-piece ensemble Moveable Feast.
Contract notice: Purchase of moveable and administrative and technical equipment, various furniture for various municipal facilities.
Global Banking News-October 20, 2014--Nigerian banks to accept moveable assets as collateral
The Parkinson's UK Moveable Feast allows diners to eat a different course in three different restaurants.
Suspended from ceiling tracks, the Dorma wall is a fiberglass construction up to 50 per cent lighter than conventional moveable walls.
com)-- Storage Village has established a partnership with Moveable Feast to ensure that our homebound neighbors with life threatening illness get the nutrition they need.
London, Nov 11 (ANI): A new study from the University of Sheffield has suggested that the appearance of moveable whiskers on the faces of rats and mice was an important milestone in the evolution of mammals from reptiles.
The IFC is advising Jordan's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) as it develops legislation to regulate secured lending - a type of lending involving moveable assets (such as equipment and inventory) as collateral for a loan.
Awami National Party has also declared its moveable and immovable property for 2009 at Rs 27 million and RS 1.
IN THE INTRODUCTION to the restored edition of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast (2009), Hemingway's grandson, Sean Hemingway, states that the title for, the book was suggested to Mary Hemingway by "A.
A venturi-based trim remover and high-output chopper have been combined in a single prewired and moveable frame, which can be installed and used within minutes.
In 1979, Erdely presented this swirling, moveable relief to his teacher, Erno Rubik at the Hungarian University of Applied Art.
City of Stories, performed by theatre company Moveable Feast, is aimed at children of all ages.
As part of a master's thesis, Dean Lupini is working on a project to develop a moveable stem on a chair that will transmit wireless messages to an underground machine.
Chelicera: galea long, slightly curved; hand with 6 setae, movable finger with 1 seta; fixed and moveable fingers each with 5 small teeth; flagellum composed of 4 blades, all serrate.